The Sister Label Twenty8 Twelve by s.Miller

Rum tearing, anpöpeln, fight, forgive, love and together make mischief. Sister time with the parents was always a great time with me. How often have we us a fight, hit us bad words on the head and us again reconciled and laughed together. It’s probably among siblings. If you eventually get the hang of and shares only good times together, counseled and calls himself with worry, then you probably a piece has grown up. Sister magic arises and which can move mountains.

And this spell is also the label Twenty8Twelve: the fashion line by Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah. Already at an early age, the older of the two, Savannah, designed dresses for her sister. And her label was born from a hobby project. The distribution of tasks at Twenty8Twelve is clear: Sienna is the Muse, uses her popularity and carries the collection in the world, while Savannah designed the pieces according to both preferences and manufactures. And what comes out is just to fall in love and very Sienna-like:

A touch of French chic, a large portion of Bohemian and a touch of biker-straightness. At its upcoming Spring collection, emphasize the two above all their girly attitude and immediately enchant us with pretty shades of powder, sweet little dresses and the charming accessories. In love in Sienna, I’m already forever, but also their collection can definitely convince me!

Convince yourself of the wonderful sisters and look on ASOS, on their page or Stylight, whether you like the collection pieces. We have been here before the Lookbook of spring collection for you: give it up before the lovely S.Millers!


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