This Winter Our Sleeves Will Wear Long Hair

When a trend Gets fashion there is nothing and no one that can stop it. And the trigger that is viral again, in the majority of cases, are fashion blogs and Instagram accounts. The social networks dictate what to take and what not, and with the arrival of the cold is a garment that we started to see many (suspiciously). Is none other than the shirts and the jackets with hair on the sleeves. A striking way to protect themselves from the cold… do you feel?

Jersey or shelter?

  • Jersey with sleeves of synthetic skin and neck returned from Anna Sui, 301,99 EUR.
  • Sartorial wool long coat with buttons in the front and faux fur of Story Of Lola, 132,99 EUR.
  • Coat without collar with fists of synthetic skin in contrast of Helene Berman, 161,99 euros.

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