Tops Peplum for a Look Very Lady


Sure that in your wardrobe, you have a lot of skirts, trousers, shorts to get and sometimes run out you ideas of how to combine them. An option is the peplum tops What are the summer trend. Pretty well are since they adhere to the body and in the waist have a bit of volume to hide a little tummy. We have them prints, chiffon or embroidered and they are perfect to combine with a pencil skirt or a jeans and give a lady to your look.

Topshop pretty peplum tops Palm is carried. We have several options to choose from, my favorite a white lace top with ties in the back. . For holidays have a peplum top with jewel neck.

The other option to brighten up a little Texan shorts or a skirt is a printed peplum top. You have a peplum top with polka dots for looks more candid or stamping of swans to combine with darker colors. The photo are Dorothy Perkins and Topshop (flowers).

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