Valentine’s day – I’m wondering first arrest if there are people that actually celebrate this day. If couples really get gifts on this day and – much more interesting if these pairs still do that in the second year. Anyone knows anyone who is really celebrating that? When I think of this heart pillow, which currently exists, it runs down the back me cold.

I was never much of it to celebrate Valentine’s day, because either one celebrates his love every day or let it remain quite. I give my friend always right then something, and not when it just fits and I see something that suits him because Valentine’s day is and I have. I believe personally it would be too much of a good, if my friend would see it differently.

Roses are red
Facebook is blue
No. mutual friends
Who the bright are you?

What I however quite celebrate is the occasion to wear red once again. I find a very own art is nice to combine a red dress: it looks either too corny, too sexy or too deliberately. But sexy and yet somehow edgy and maybe even everyday use? Is that possible?

I have set myself the challenge and am quite proud of the result, only there’s a downer yet: actually I wanted to wear my red silk dress without trousers and even tights (now that I’m a bit browned…) but it has been just so pig cold that I had to put on something warm, and because I a dark a little inappropriate find tights (and have no reasonable nude…) once again the good old leather pants that had to believe. Fits:) Yes actually also quite good for Valentine’s day



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