What Does This T-Shirt Which Has Become The Most Desired Piece of Winter?

It is simple, white (as almost all the t-shirts that triumph) and has a vintage logo. Gucci is the protagonist of this shirt that has become the object of desire of many influencers, but also many anonymous people. Chiara Ferragni already has taken on their social networks, which produces almost immediately a boom in stores, its more of 4 million followers fashion fans have fallen in love this t-shirt logomania.

24 Nov, 2016 (s) 6:09 PST

390 euros they are the culprits have this shirt in the closet, a full-fledged fad. It is of a classic and a t-shirt (has application in summer and in winter) can think that we will be able to use it all year but we cannot deny that he is something special. Combined with modern accessories you will get that sought-after fashion counterpoint, but if you decide to mix it with retro clothes have a lookazo with a super trend garment. Do you think of this shirt?

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