Women’s Open-front Crochet Cardigans

Importantly for cool summer days and autumn and winter – women knitted cardigan. This model jacket is present in the wardrobe of every girl and woman. Cardigan can perfectly complement each set, whether it is a carefree option of walking or striking image for the party.

Women’s Open-front Crochet Cardigans

Models cardigans

First, jackets range in length:

  • Long cardigan featured on Cosycardigan.com will look great with skinny jeans, simple style blouses and classic boats. The main advantage of this combination – convenience. Therefore, this option is suitable for walking and shopping. Long cardigan also be perfectly combined with the short evening dresses and high-heeled shoes.
  • Short summer women cardigan can be combined with almost any clothes. This option is suitable for skirts and dresses of various lengths and trousers. Therefore wardrobe of every woman should be a little bit different colored cardigans.

From What to Wear Knitted Cardigan

As noted earlier, cardigan can be combined with virtually any kind of clothing. However, you can give some advice on the selection of knitted cardigans for full girls and women:

  • Avoid too short patterns, but the average length model will look perfect for you.
  • It is best to give full jackets will look straight silhouettes. Style, highlight the contours of the body, it is better to exclude from consideration.
  • It’d rather monotonous cardigan simple styles as unnecessary details or checkered visually make you better.
  • As an option for evening release of elegant suit jacket in oriental style or monochrome model lurex.