Women’s Tie

Of course. The tendency to masculinize the figure and the aspect of the woman is more present than ever. At Madrid Fashion Week we saw how many of the proposals revolved towards the masculine style, where oversized garments like pants were a constant.

Women's Tie

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In addition, this new aesthetic trend goes one step further and now even the eyebrows havemale lines are fashionable. If there is anexclusive and characteristic of men, other than underwear, are ties. But it seems that it is no longer unique to men, but its use among womenis becoming more popular than ever. Let’s see why!

How to Wear the Tie for Women?

Unlike men ‘s fashion, the universe of thewomenswear is offering greater versatility. What would you find stranger? See a woman in a suit and tie? Or see a man in a skirt? We have it clear. However, there is no type of tieexclusively female, except for some models that certain firms make for a particular collection.

The designs especially for women, tend to carry the narrow part longer than the wide, adopting the form of a tie. Thus, we can distinguish  types of ties:

Narrow tie with smooth color or very subtle stripes

Tie shorter and somewhat wider than even you can have a patterned design.

Even so, black and smooth ties have always been more fashionable in different sizes.

Did you know that these types of ties caninfluence your figure? A woman with a  thincomplexion can wear any type of tie. However, our advice for  those with more curves should avoid the narrower ties as they accentuate the same.

How to Combine the Tie for Women?

We are lucky to find the look for ties as it is a complement of the most versatile because it can adapt to any look. It is a garment that the designers love and that generally they propose it with belt or with a ribbon in the hair, that takes a few years from above.

Carrying the tie always gives an air ofrebelliousness and informality to our style so that depending on the occasion you are going to wear it you will have to bet on a more or less discreet.

One of the most popular bets are jeans with a white t-shirt combined with a tie. Likewise, the jeans can be combined with a neck shirt and wear the looser tie with the first buttons unbuttoned, thus giving a more feminine look that mimics those worn by Hollywood celebrities. The skirt, whether long or short, can also be worn with a tie to add a more casual touch to our daily look.

Knotted Ties for Women

The tie knot that most favors the woman is thelight knot, not too tight and does not become a triangle.

The knot windsor: It is the one that has a very elegant character. The best option is that the tie does not close the shirt, but is a complement such as a necklace.

The small knot:  It is easy to do and having a small size. In demodaybelleza we adviseyou to make this knot. It is perfect as a daily addition if you place the knot down, towards the middle of the shirt or shirt that you wear.

We have opted for a more arranged look, for a specific day. But if you like the casual look, you can not miss our next post about corbabas for women.

Enjoy the photos and thank you very much for the comments.