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Woolrich Woolen Mills Fall 2010

Woolrich Woolen Mills with chief designer Daiki Suzuki has spearheaded since the partnership began three years ago has given American workwear a completely new face. Starting from the brand’s archives, but with an updated average, Suzuki created a robust and modern style for true vintage geeks.

The collection, which is Suzuki’s penultimate of the brand, has been named “Dark Hunting”. The extremely minimalist color scheme in black and blue with a few gray elements inspired by classic American hunting fabrics, but also Japanese fashion in the 70s and 80s with Comme des Garçons in the forefront. The fabrics are made in Woolrich own weaving mills and a large part of production is actually in the United States. In Sweden sold the brand to the nitty gritty and Très Bien Shop.


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