Xperia Z1, Sony, Smartphone Arrives in October

In addition to the most advanced model of the line, Xperia, Xperia M and Z Ultra smart watch with Android also come to Brazil until the end of the year

Xperia Z1, Sony, Smartphone Arrives in October

The smartphone Xperia Z1 , recently announced by Sony during the IFA 2013, will come to Brazil in October. The product will hit stores with Xperia Z Ultra, “phablet” with 6.4-inch screen. The two products have not yet suggested price released by Sony, but must reach the Country with price above R $2000, value of most advanced handset Xperia line currently on sale in Brazil.

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Sony releases on smartphones for the last quarter of 2013 still include the Xperia M, smartphone with 4-inch screen, 1 GHz processor with two cores, 4 GB internal memory (expandable with microSD memory card) and 5 megapixel camera. The main product is the differential supports two chips, feature also present in smartphones D3, Motorola, and Samsung’s Galaxy, Gran Duo according to

Check out the Sony releases in Brazil from October:

With the new release, Sony will have eight new Xperia line smartphones launched in 2013, which demonstrates the company’s interest in expanding your market share of smartphones. In 2012, the year when Sony bought the part of Ericsson in cell phone joint venture and created the Sony Mobile, only three line Xperia smartphones were launched.

“The releases are reflecting positively. We are tripling sales every month in Brazil “, says Ana Peretti, Director of marketing for Sony Mobile in Brazil. According to Sony’s estimates, based on numbers of market consultancies, 19 million smartphones were sold in Brazil in 2012. The company expects, in 2013, this number reaches 29 million handsets. “We want to be the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world in the medium term,” says Ana.

Premium line

With the arrival of the Z1 and Z Xperia Xperia Ultra, Sony strengthens your line to compete with high-end smartphones from other manufacturers, as the iPhone 5S (still no launch date in the country) and Galaxy S4 (Samsung). The two products will reach Brazil supports digital TV, feature added by Sony exclusively in the local version of smartphones.

The Xperia Z Ultra, with your giant screen width of a passport, has Full HD resolution, which allows you to watch videos with high quality. The product has 800 of 2.2 GHz Snapdragon processor with four cores, 16 GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3 g/4 g. The product features 8 megapixel camera with Exmor sensor RS, which lets you take pictures with better quality in low-light environments.

In the case of Xperia Z1, the product has the same processor the Xperia Z Ultra, but a smaller, 5-inch screen with Full HD resolution, the output gap is the main camera, which photographs with 20.4-megapixel resolution, the best found in a smartphone with Android system–in the case of smartphones in General, the camera of Xperia Z1 gets behind the camera of 38 megapixels of Lumia 1020, Nokia device with Windows Phone 8.

The Xperia Z1 has edges of glass aluminum extensively on the back. According to Sony, the water protection has been enhanced compared to the previous model, the Xperia Z. He wheel 4.2 version of the Android system and is compatible with 4 g networks and with NFC support, technology used for wireless file transfer and payments with the cell phone.


In addition to smartphones, Sony plans to bring to the Brazilian market some accessories until the end of the year. Among them is the trendy smart clock Smart Watch 2. The product has 1.6 inch screen and runs the Android operating system. It works seamlessly with your smartphone, and allows you to access missed calls, emails, text messages (SMS) and access the Facebook application on your wrist. The product still has no suggested retail price.

For those who like to shoot, the novelty is the arrival of QX10 accessory . Lens-shaped, it can be coupled to the smartphone and synchronized via NFC. In practice, it is a complete camera, since the attachment includes lenses, optical sensor and image processing circuits. The product allows to use up to 10 x optical zoom, allowing you to shoot distant objects. There is still no price set for the product in Brazil.

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