Your Doll Will Be The Protagonists, Charge Them and to Wear Arm!

After a Christmas saturated nougat, polvorones, Marzipan, can say that this January the excesses are. But at the wrists, where if not? High-jewelry combined with jewelry, braids XXL, strass, punk models … mix all styles to create a new one. You’ll see how it works. And is that we were already seeing it in the fashion of last week: it was summer and good temperature that the arms will be exposed. You do the same when it appears again the weather? Inspired by voguettes and others for the next spring/summer 2012.

Seen on the fashion weeks

The mixture of styles It’s like: who said that pink ball, leaves skin and a turquoise snake could not be good companions? The detail of the nail color gold raises the favorable outcome.

There are many people, including myself, that We do not use the family jewels for fear of losing them or wasting them. Use them! Things are to wear them, although that Yes, with care.

Would have never said that bracelets using small-based knots as well marry bracelets of Gold links, a handkerchief and the clock. All in a same space.

And it is that here more, better is true. How much they are larger and more look, the favorable outcome will increase.

Can you imagine look half arm with rigid bracelet? In the first instance it may seem ridiculous, but when viewing the picture it like how is. I think I’ll make collects all the bracelets I have for House & #8230;

The mixture of strass with the punk touch I have requetencantado. Do you feel like?

The bloggers do the same

As it could not be otherwise, the bloggers are collecting trends, and they are always the order of the day. What are excesses in complements? Then there who look the bracelets repletitas dolls.

Eye to the detail of the nails the protagonist of the Song of style: one of each color (pastel). The most chic of the moment.

Chiara Ferragni you prefer to opt for Alexander McQueen and Hermes in your add-ins. The girl aims high, and he proves it every day in their outfits.

In summer choose by colors to brighten you the outfits. Tuula prefers a set based Turquoise and silver bracelet, What do you think?

Although the combination of old gold with lilac is not bad.

Andy Torres he prefers to give prominence to Versace by H & M jewelry, but so large that a single are cause the same effect.

What do you think of this new trend? I would like to, but I think that before leaving home I practice a little… I have a few months to train, will you do the same?

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