260 Years Vacheron Constantin: The World’s Most Complicated Mechanical Watch

With the watch reference no. 57260, Vacheron Constantin has not simply created and presented the most complicated timepiece in his own House, it is the most complicated in the world! This pocket watch is home to 57 complications and its movement consists of 2,800 spare parts. The development and production of this watch took several years and asked three watchmakers of high class work. His arrival falls exactly with the 260th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin.With 260 years without interruption in the watch industry, Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch manufacturer in the world.

The Vacheron Constantin 57260 watch was commissioned by one of the biggest collectors of the world and was developed and designed specially for him. In order to show all the complications, this watch has two faces – a dial at the front and one at the rear.The eye-catcher and at the same time the heart of this watch is the whirlwind on three axes of which the aluminum cage is a pendulum with a spherical spiral worm. This construction even spinning permanently in three dimensions around it and catches the eye of the observer with a hypnotic seduction.

The case is white gold, has a diameter of 98 mm and a thickness of 50,55 mm. The 3750 caliber makes available, in addition to energy for 57 complications, a reserve
of works 60 hours and works at a frequency of 2.5 Hz.

Several classic functions were redefined for the watch to reference no. 57260 and new complications have been integrated; This watch houses among other
the first israelite perpetual calendar. Complications and functions can be grouped between those concerning the display of the time, those for the ringtone,
those for the astronomical complications and others.

57 complications by function:

6 functions of time measurement

Hours, minutes, seconds, mean solar time (regulator)

Whirlpool 3 axes

Spherical spiral tourbillon regulator

Zone 12 hours, second time zone hours and minutes

Indication of the 24 cities for each zone

Day/night for the 12-hour time zone indication

7 functions of the perpetual clanedrier

Perpetual calendar Gregorian PS

Name of the Gregorian day

Name of the Gregorian month

Gregorian retrograde date

Indication of the years bissexilles and cycle 4 years

Number of the day of the week


8 Hebrew calendar functions

Perpetual calendar Hebrew QP and cycle 19

Hebrew day number

The Hebrew month name

Hebrew date

Secular Hebrew calendar

Century, decade and year Hebrew

Age of the Hebrew year (12 or 13 months)

Number of gold (19)

9 functions of the astronomical calendar

Seasons, equinoxes, solstices and signs of the Zodiac, indicated by the hand of the Sun

Celestial map (for the city of the owner)

Hours of sidereal time

Minutes of the sidereal time

Equation of time

Hours of the Sun (for the city of the owner)

Hours of the Sun (for the city of the owner)

Length of the day (for the city of the owner)

Duration of the night (for the city of the owner)

1 function of the lunar calendar

Phases and age of the Moon (a correction 1027 annually)

1 function of the religious calendar

Date of Yom Kippur

4 columns 3-wheeled chronograph functions

Second chronograph retrograde (1 column wheel)

Retrograde chronograph (1 column wheel)

Hour meter (1 column wheel)

Minute counter

7 functions of the awakening

Reveile with own stamp and gradual ringtone xon

Silence/alarm wake-up position indicator

Position the normal alarm sound indicator / chime

Chime of the clock mechanism couple at the carillon

The revel in mode ringtone large or small ring

The couple of the alarm sound indicator

Locking system at the end of the barrel of revival power

8 features of the Westminster Chime

Westminster Chime to 5 stamps

Great ringtone by the way

Small buzzer by the way

Minute Repeater

The chime mode chime mechanism night (8: 00 to 22: 00)

Ringtone at the end of power of barrel locking system

The carillon in large ring or small buzzer mode indicator

The carillon in silence/ringtone or night mode indicator

6 other functions

The movement power reserve indicator

The carillon power reserve indicator

The winding Crown position indicator

Timex double-barrel system

Device of setting the time to positions and two sense

Secret (opening of the button to wake-up rod) mechanism