4 Brands Bet on T-shirts of the Squad Suicide

I remember very well the time that was required to sneak up to a shop hidden in the Gallery of Rock in the centre of São Paulo, or ask for a friend trip scheduled for the gringa to have a t-shirt decent of a comic book character. Today gets to have the dispute between the stores of fast fashion to see who launches first collection on the certain title of HQ, which is a reflection of the success made by this type of media when it was transported to the big screen of the cinema, and won the visual effects of the art.

4 Brands Bet on T-shirts of the Squad Suicide

The bet on more new movie based on DC characters, the Squad, Suicidal, is high, so much so that 3 of the largest networks of fast fashion in operation in Brazil entered the match: the C&A, Riachuelo and Pernambucanas, beyond them, of course the Fashion Comics (exclusive to Warner/DC) also came up with several t-shirts that capitalize on the visual, the radical of the characters to try to conquer the young audience and fans of comics. See below some of the postings, you have until the pattern repeated:

Squad Suicide in C&A

Each t-shirt goes for$39.99.

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Squad Suicide in Riachuelo

The collection has many pieces, but, oddly enough, the majority is female, there are only two t-shirts, each of them costs R$49,90

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Squad Suicide at Pernambucanas

As well as in C&A each t-shirt has the price of$39.99

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Squad Suicide in the Fashion Comics

Were the prints of the Fashion Comics that most caught my attention, besides the t-shirts seem better quality, but all of this is also reflected in the price which goes from R$78,00 R$118,00 for t-shirts and reaches R$258,00 in the shirt m/c.

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Purchases and more information:

Riachuelo – www.riachuelo.com.br

C&A (virtual shop) – www.cea.com.br

Pernanbucanas – www.pernambucanas.com.br

Fashion Comics (virtual shops) – www.dafiti.com.br – www.glamour.com.br