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Business Credit

#1 Business Loans Acquisition Financing Business Loans
Provides business loans, acquisition financing, commercial lending, structured finance, corporate loans, and leveraged-business lines of credit.

Abingdon Business Capital
Lender serves small, medium and large businesses. Read testimonials, and learn about broker opportunities and factoring training.

Acquisition - GE Capital Commercial Finance
Read case studies highlighting the merger financing services offered by this company. Also find FAQs and customer assistant contact details.|60685569;g=z/http://click.linksy

Company offers a payment program designed to help finance business transactions. Get program details, as well as company financial information.

Aerofund Financial
San Jose, Calif., firm offers capital loans, leasebacks, and assistance with equipment leasing and refinancing. Find an application online.

Alaska - Alaska Growth Capital
Commercial lending institution regulated and licensed in Alaska provides business financing, strategic planning, and consulting services.

American Credit Indemnity
Business Credit Insurance agency. Site includes product information, and press releases.

Provider of financial services to property and casualty insurance agencies describes its products and services. See contact details.

Businesses can apply for MasterCards through this service. Submit an application.

Art Capital Group
New York City-based company provides exhibition planning, leasing, and financing services for art galleries, museums, corporations, and individuals around the world.

Asset Based Lending - GE Capital Commercial Finance
Complete a simple form to receive a free asset based lending guide. Guide are available by mail or on PDF.|60685506;g=z/http://click.linksy

Offers short-term steps for assessing the bankruptcy process. Offers strategies to determine how to avoid bankruptcy.

Business Products Credit Assoc.
Organization that provides payment information, education in the credit profession, and meetings for industry specific groups. Includes an online reporting system.

Learn about the company's business credit report services and extensive database of listings. Register to receive free industry news.

Loan broker specializes in business loans, SBA loans and equipment leasing agreements. Offers online application and approval.

BuyerZone - Finance
Covers financial topics like credit cards, collection agencies, leasing, lending and credit merchants. Find buyer's guides.|60327234;g=z/http://www.buyer

Business-financing marketplace provides debt and equity financing for leasing and receivable financing. Offers an online business valuation.

Financing companies, manufacturers, vendors, B2Bs and other companies can use this service to finance their businesses on the Web.

Church Loans & Investments Trust
Amarillo, Texas-based company makes loans to traditional churches and nonprofits, typically those secured by a first mortgage. Get applications.

Commercial Finance Online
Claims to be the world's largest business finance search engine. Search for capital and resources or postings of businesses needing capital.

Congress Financial Corporation
Specializes in asset-based lending, the practice of matching a company's assets to its borrowing needs. Find locations in the US and Canada.

Credit Line Calculator - GE Capital Commercial Finance
Fill out a short form to calculate a business's potential credit line with financial data from the Industry Averages.|60687496;g=z/http://click.linksy

Credit References
Web-based reference service allows vendors to get credit information for opening new accounts. Read a FAQ and try a demo.

Shop for bank cards, mortgages, and personal or business loans from this directory of lenders, credit firms and venture-capital specialists.

Browse this collection of links to US, foreign and specialty credit-reporting agencies. Most major firms are listed.

Dana Commercial Credit
Provides financing and leasing services to business clients. Learn how they work with industries that include real estate and technology.

Discover Business Services
Learn about the benefits of becoming a merchant with the Novus Network. Find credit card applications online.

Dun & Bradstreet - Corporate Homepage
Global business and financial information provider operates as Dun & Bradstreet and Moody's Investor Service. Find contact info and fact sheets.

Enron Credit
Provides real-time credit-risk management and mitigation tools, including bankruptcy swaps and financial derivatives. Register for free.

Equifax Inc.
Security and authentication products support Internet sales systems. Consider claims that these offerings decrease fraud and increase efficiency.

Offers a range of business and consumer info services, covering issues such as credit info and advice, direct marketing, and real estate.

Express Business Funding
Factoring company purchases accounts receivables from businesses as an alternative to conventional business loans.

F&D Reports
Source for the information you need to make credit decisions on publicly-held retailers and wholesalers.

Gamecash - Corporate Homepage
Service company in the casino industry details its credit card, cash advance and check cashing services. Provides a list of business clients.

GE Capital Commercial Finance
Company provides commercial loans and offers financing and assistance for reorganization and acquisition strategies. Read the industry news.

General Electric Capital - GE CFO Solutions
Businesses can find out about financing including working capital, loans, leases, revolving credit, senior secured debt and equity financing.

Healthcare Group - GE Capital Commercial Finance
Learn about asset based, cash flow, equity investing and corporate restructuring lending offered to the health care industry.|60685575;g=z/http://click.linksy

Heartland Card Services
Service helps smaller companies obtain merchant accounts for credit-card transactions. Apply for an account, or call for more information.

Industry Standard, The - Plea for Hard Times, A
Article argues that short term credit as a way for businesses to gather money is failing in this time of failing stocks.

Information-related Services
Helps re-establish credit by offering unsecured credit cards. Also includes details about offshore bank accounts and tax exemption.

J&D Financial
Florida company is a direct lender for domestic and international factoring, purchase-order and trade financing, and business loans.

Jones, Richards & Company
Canadian financial service provider presents its staff, newsletters, and career opportunities. Obtain contact information.

KMV Corporation
Leading provider of credit risk management technology offers a history, products, technical papers, job opportunities, and a client-only area.

Knowledge Center - GE Capital Commercial Finance
Locate a credit line calculator, a company valuation tool, case studies and an asset-based lending guide. Also find GE press releases.|60685466;g=z/http://click.linksy

Lenders Interactive Services
Instant free online resource matching businesses and individuals to compatible lenders. Find tips and guides.

Business financing specialist offers a single application to apply for term loans, lines of credit, and credit cards.|100038882;g=z/http://service.bfa

Financing organization provides loans for small businesses. Lenders include American Express, Irwin Union Bank and Bank of Hawaii.

MBIA - Company Homepage
Financier helps public-sector entities access capital. Learn how in the products section and see the profits in investor relations.

MCA - Company Homepage
Read about the company's credit and collection services and find articles on bad check laws. See the credit guidelines for small businesses.

Metals Group - GE Capital Commercial Finance
Financial provider for the primary and fabricated metals industry provides lending services for acquisitions, growth capital and refinancing.|60685582;g=z/http://click.linksy

Financial-listing and matching service provides access to business loans, commercial credit, venture capital and investment opportunities.

Multiservice Corporation
Int'l company specializes in providing customized credit cards for the trucking and aviation sectors. Read about its private-label programs.

Nat'l Assoc. of Credit Management
Home of the NACM, an organization of credit professionals. Browse a forum, a magazine, and research tools.

Nation's Business - Using Inventory For Collateral
Feature from the FindArticles collection dated November 1998 offers advice on financing through asset-based commercial credit.

Raise Money for Your Business
Bi-weekly publication explores ways of raising capital without having to ask a bank manager. Has an archive, links, and consultation information.

Offers products to organizations, such as banks and Chambers of Commerce, which have small-business clients.

Teleflora CreditLine
Independent service organization provides credit card processing to merchants across the United States. Apply for an account online.

Trade Risk Group
Provides credit insurance that protects companies against bad debt losses on both domestic and international accounts receivable. Get a quote.

Provides details about this global trade credit card. Includes news, FAQs, and a software demo, plus benefits for exporters and importers.

US Division - National Bank of Canada
Canadian bank provides secured financing and asset-based loans to business clients, wholesalers, and distributors. Find a US or Canadian branch.

Visa - Business Services
Credit card company details its commercial services such as commercial cards, Visa ePay and the US Business Resource Center.

Wolter Inkasso
German debt-collection and consulting firm provides credit-reporting and accounts-receivable services to companies doing business in the EU.

Working Capital - GE Capital Commercial Finance
Find profiles of revolving credit facilities, term loans, factoring and securitization. Also find case studies of business loans.|60685547;g=z/http://click.linksy

Working Capital Solutions
Helps businesses increase their working capital through commercial loans and the financing of accounts receivable and purchase orders. Read about the company's guarantee.

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