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Credit Advice

123 Debt
Find articles on credit cards, bankruptcy, refinancing, mortgages, credit repair and credit ratings. Take a debt and credit evaluation.

AAA Credit Facts
Credit guide explains where to get a report, how to find the best rates and how to consolidate debt. Get advice on bankruptcy and mortgages.

ABC Guides
Compare interest rates, fees, and benefits from different credit cards, and apply for one. - Personal Credit
Make credit work for, rather than against, you. With features and links to help you find the keys to financial independence.

Advance-Fee Loan Scams
Avoid property investment scams with the help of this 1993 advice brochure from the Federal Trade Commission.
Better Credit
Consumer-credit counseling service offers tips on budgeting, resolving debt crises, and improving credit ratings and history.

Black - Battling Online Credit Scams
Describes actions taken by the Federal Trade Commission to challenge online credit repair scams and sites specific examples of the schemes.

Bud Hibbs' Consumer Credit Info
Consumer rights expert Bud Hibbs explains the ins and outs of the credit industry, including debt collection.

Business Asia - What Credit Managers Should Know
Advice for credit managers given by The Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) includes how to negotiate payment terms.

Financial resource center offers articles and advice on establishing credit, debt relief, and fraud. Order a credit report and repair kit.

Credit and Financial Management Center
Offers comparison shopping on credit cards, loans and insurance. Read about credit reports or ask questions via live chat.

Credit Assessment - Quicken Loans
Use this credit assessment tool to find out how a credit record may affect chances for home loan qualification. Find FAQ.|100176208;g=z/http://quicken

Credit Card Faqs
Gives out advice to UK and US consumers on opening and maintaining a credit card account. Apply for a Capital One Visa.

Credit Card Network
Read articles about credit, security and financing. Find credit cards with low introductory APRs, or get free and three-for-one credit reports.

Credit Card West
Provides articles and advice about personal finances and credit. Link to credit-card applications, debt-consolidation info, and lenders.

Credit Center - Quicken Loans
Find the right loan, see tips for reestablishing credit, and use tools for credit assessment tools. Get quick help from a Quicken Loan consultant.|100176179;g=z/http://quicken

Credit Glossary - Household
Displays a glossary of terms and acronyms frequently used in loan terminology. Find definitions for ARM, APR, and equity.|100084331;g=z/http://click.a

Credit Infocenter
Advice to debtors about declaring bankruptcy and its consequences, re-establishing credit & related FAQs.

Credit Information - Household
Provides details on credit decisions, bureaus, and reports. Find out how to repair your credit.|100084245;g=z/http://click.a

Credit Report Service - TrueLink
Get advice on credit reports, such as when to check them and how to improve poor standing. Guide explains misconceptions and discusses consumers' options.

Credit Reports - Household
Explains what a consumer credit report is. See the information it contains and find contact details to request a copy.|100084283;g=z/http://click.a

Credit Risk Resources
Peruse links to papers, methodology, software, and data providers dealing with credit risk. Submit suggestions to the archive.

Visitors can seek credit-related advice, order credit cards and reports, and get credit monitoring and repair assistance through this service.|60785280;g=z/

Understand how to use credit effectively, manage debt and access quality credit products, referral services, software tools and information.

Personal-finance directory for consumers covers mortgage rates, credit cards, auto loans, money management and taxes.

Check out where to go for credit cards, credit reports or other credit advice. Features a FAQ, news and consulting.

Visit this financial portal for help with personal finance, credit repair and budgeting. Read credit card reviews, get news and chat.

Covers topics such as credit reports and monitoring, selecting credit cards, bankruptcy and debt consolidation. Get a free credit report.

Find credit-repair links, and applications for auto and personal loans, mortgages, credit cards, and banking. Order your credit report.

Provides users with advice on mortgages, credit reports, loans, bankruptcy, debt management, and credit scoring. Learn how to choose the right debit and credit cards.

Full Baskets Foundation, The
Offers a range of resources that cover credit and debt collection, with materials and training online. - TrueLink
Read about identity theft, a fast-developing crime in the US that creates lingering credit problems for the victim. Learn how to safeguard personal information.

Getting Help for Credit Problems - Household
Provides tips on solving credit problems and offers contact information for non profit credit counseling organizations.|100084307;g=z/http://click.a

Home Mortgage Credit Card Debt Loan, A
Offers links to obtain a loan or credit card and for handling bad credit. Find mortgage, debt and credit card payment calculators.

How Do I Reestablish My Credit? - Quicken Loans
Consumers with poor credit history can follow the steps for reestablishing credit and talk to a Quicken Loans consultant to find out about loan options.|100176223;g=z/http://quicken

How Does Credit Work? - Quicken Loans
Learn about the three major credit bureaus, consumer credit reports, credit risk score, and the laws concerning the use and access of credit information.|100176241;g=z/http://quicken

HSH Associates
Respected financial publishing company provides independent mortgage-rate analysis, interactive calculators and forecasts.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine - Making History
Guide to obtaining a solid credit plan quickly for students and those with low income or bad credit histories.

Loan Center -

Browse news on interest and mortgage rates, get advice and strategies about buying and selling a home, refinancing and real estate investing.

Loan Center -

Learn about debt management and smart borrowing, use the calculators, find a mortgage guide and access mortgage and auto loan centers.

Read articles and get personal finance advice and tips. With credit, loan and debt consolidation services as well as calculators and a glossary.

Information, advice and links concerning credit-card use. Link to credit-card bureaus, consumer-protection agencies and credit calculators.

Microcredit Virtual Library
Set up to be a repository of information on microcredit, this library offers resources relating to community development, NGOs and poverty. - TrueLink
Learn how thieves go about stealing personal information and entire identities, using them for unauthorized purchases, scams, and other fraudulent activity.

Mother Jones - The Color of Money
Explores the barriers to borrowing for people of color, and the emerging role of microlenders.

MSN HomeAdvisor - Credit Center
Get a quick analysis of your credit status, order a credit report and browse advice and resources for dealing with credit blemishes.

Nat'l Assoc. of Credit Management
Home of the NACM, an organization of credit professionals. Browse a forum, a magazine, and research tools.

Resource helps find lenders, provides debt consolidation support, and sells advice books. See glossary of terms or ask a question.

On Credit Card Debt
Article written by a CPA on the pros and cons of credit card use and outlines steps for managing debt. Links to regional business papers.

Payday Loans
Report details the rise of predatory lending groups in relation to the deregulation of finance industries.

Repairing Your Credit - Household
Find out how to have errors in a credit report repaired. Includes contact details for non profit credit counseling organizations.|100084295;g=z/http://click.a

Special Consumer Section - 1 Debt Consolidation Advisor
Articles cover quick credit offers for consumers with poor credit. Read about credit cards as well as payday, car-title, and home-equity loans.

Taylor, Christopher -

Get advice on financial issues, such as debt consolidation and credit cards. Includes links to firms and organizations offering loans, credit repair, and debt counseling.
Truth About Credit, The
Guide to avoiding credit card debt is presented by the state Public Interest Research Groups. Use the calculator to learn how long paying back debt will take.

Winning Credit
Credit repair strategies and information including sections on dealing with credit bureaus, CHEX Systems and bill collectors, a message board and credit repair articles.

Provides resources for getting personal credit reports. Also details its member services and benefits.

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