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Credit Repair

#1 Bill Consolidation Credit Repair
People looking to control their credit card debt can consult with this company about debt management through consolidation.

#1 Credit Repair Book - Weaver Enterprises
Check out this self-help book for suggestions on improving credit-report ratings. Features tips for lowering monthly payments.

A1 Credit Repair System
Company helps consumers repair bad credit ratings. Purchase a one-year service program that includes a money-back guarantee. - Personal Credit
Make credit work for, rather than against, you. With features and links to help you find the keys to financial independence.

Ambassador Credit Repair
Group provides advice and credit-scoring guides to consumers looking to improve their present credit status or to repair their credit history.

Atlantic Credit Solutions
Seek assistance from people who work with credit agencies to remove negative credit items from personal files.

Bad Credit Loan
Specializes in providing home, auto, and personal loans, as well as credit cards and credit-repair services for those with bad credit.

Bad Credit Repaired
Scan a 3-step credit improvement plan and download the free trial. Promises to clear the credit report of negative information in two months.

Bad Credit? No Credit? - EQ Marketing
Details how one can improve bad credit. Get a free credit report, learn about debt repair, or apply for a Visa or Mastercard.

Black Enterprise - Cleaning Up Your Credit
Sites a real-life example of a woman in credit crisis and offers advice on avoiding such situations and discusses the implications of bad credit. - CJM Communications
Collection of resources for people who have problems with their credit history. Find links to services that offer credit cards, loans, and bank and merchant accounts.

C.I.S. Credit Scoring
Credit scoring and repair advice company provides both US and UK versions of its guide. Subscribe to receive more detailed credit information.

Financial resource center offers articles and advice on establishing credit, debt relief, and fraud. Order a credit report and repair kit.

Complete UK Credit Repair Guide, The
Find out how the credit-scoring system works, then call or fax this company to get advice on clearing debt history and applying for loans.

Consumer Credit Repair
Company assists people with credit repair and restoration. Offers a step-by-step guide available as an interactive CD or a printed manual.

Credit Clean
Resource provides consumers with full-service and do-it-yourself credit repair kits. Find out how to clean up a bankruptcy, and get a mortgage approval.

Credit Control Corp.
Order a package designed to help consumers establish, repair and increase their credit rating. Special cases include post-divorce and bankruptcy.

Credit Rating Restoration Consultants
Paralegal group offers credit repair and credit restoration services to consumers with poor credit. Read about credit bureau reports and consumer rights.

Credit Repair Depot
Credit-building resources include guidebooks, loan and credit card information, software, and a free credit-repair analysis.

Credit Repair Kit
Aims to help people with bad credit rebuild their credit rating. Credit repair kit provides a guide for disputing credit problems.

Credit Repair Resource Center
Service provides resources for credit repair, articles, and a discussion group.

Credit Repair Service
Offers a kit to help consumers repair personal credit ratings. Read about creditors' rights, and submit an application for a charge card.

Credit Repair Site, The
Order a credit report, get a credit rating, sign up for credit cards, or get advice on establishing good credit. Includes reseller information.

Credit Sweep
Internet program specializing in credit repair, credit restoration, and debt consolidation. Find membership details and get instant access.

Credit Wizard
Company concentrates on consumer credit repair issues. Request a credit report and use this service to correct errors and inaccuracies.

Visit this financial portal for help with personal finance, credit repair and budgeting. Read credit card reviews, get news and chat.

Learn about repairing bad credit, bankruptcy, debt consolidation and unsecured loans. Order a kit of tools designed to erase bad credit.

Credit repair service provides help in getting loans, credit cards, and lowering bills. Also offers kits to help clean up credit reports and file bankruptcy.|100169329;g=z/http://www.qksrv.n

Offers a do-it-yourself credit-repair kit. Find out how to negotiate with creditors and learn about the fair-credit-reporting act.

Resource for rebuilding and repairing bad credit offers tips, a downloadable credit restoration kit and credit restoration analysis.

Crystal Clear Credit
Offers consumers help with credit repair, bankruptcy, and mortgage payments. See sample dispute and reinvestigation letters, or order a workbook.

e Credit Repair
Provides free tips on repairing and rebuilding credit ratings. Download a credit restoration kit and sign up for a credit analysis.

Provides consumer credit services including debt consolidation and credit cards, repair, and reports. Get monthly tips about credit management.

Electronic Credit Repair Kit
Free service helps inform consumers about improving credit, obtaining credit reports and knowing their consumer-credit rights.

Essence - Repair Your Own Credit
October 1999 article discusses how to help fix bad credit without paying an expensive credit-repair company to do it.

Fix Bad Credit
Apply for a free credit evaluation to find out about lowering your monthly payments, eliminating excess fees, and disputing credit-report errors.

Free Credit Bureau Reports
Agency offers free credit reports, as well as single and three-bureau reports from Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Get advice on credit bureaus and credit repair.

Golden Harvest - Fix Your Bad Credit
Read this bad credit repair handbook to correct debt problems. Includes recent testimonials, a FAQ and ordering information.

Company provides a credit repair manual as well as links to banks offering credit to individuals looking to rebuild their credit history. -

Provides credit counseling and credit card debt consolidation services to consumers. Consult the FAQ and check out the free offer.

LoanWeb - Less-Than-Perfect Credit
Browse this guide to cleaning up bad credit in order to shop for a quality loan. Options include lowering payments or getting a new loan.|60556742;g=z/http://loanweb. - DebtZero Financial Success System
Web-based service for debt management helps clients view, manage and pay bills from the Internet. Plans cover 20 to 30 payees per month.

My Credit File
Sells package on credit and medical reports, and offers links to credit card companies offering services to those with a poor credit history.

Pay to download a guide to repairing bad personal credit. Learn suggestions for building a personal profile and improving a poor credit history.

No Credit Refused
Offers mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, payday loans, and credit counseling to those with bad or no credit. Request a free credit report.

OK Credit Services
Credit consolidation and repair guide features links to home-equity loans, credit reports, and credit card offers.

Personal Credit Repair
Consumer report offers tips and techniques on how to repair poor credit and how to prevent similar problems from reoccurring in the future.

Repair Bad Credit Report Services
Service assists and informs US consumers about credit-related legal issues, including bad credit restoration, obtaining credit reports and consumer credit rights.

Resource offers credit-repair kit so consumers may improve personal credit reports. Read the manual samples, and check out the testimonials.

Repairing Your Own Credit Record
Credit-counseling kit helps consumers restore poor credit histories. Tools include form letters and a guide to lenders and credit-card issuers.

Rhouse - Re-Establish Credit
Find links to sites that allow users to apply for a new credit card to reestablish credit, including cards marketed for teens and students.

Secrets of Credit Repair
Guide to restoring credit. Download a complete credit restoration packet and access a free 15-minute consultation with a law firm.

Software Reports - #1 Credit Repair Consulting
Offers credit-counseling services, free credit reports, and software designed to navigate individuals through the credit-repair process.|60790010;g=z/

Timazee Financial Plans Software
Offers a kit designed to help individuals repair their personal credit reports. Download shareware to preview the legal options available.

Universal Communications
Specializes in skiptracing services for credit providers, collection agencies, bail enforcers, and law enforcement.

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