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Getting a Loan

Directory lists sources and providers of home-equity loans, second mortgages, and equity lines of credit. Get advice on loan costs, repayments, and lender fees.

Learn how to get car and boat loans, or home and consumer loans. Look to refinance a new or existing mortgage, and find a real estate agent.

Accent Home Loans - Mortgage Center
Find mortgage calculators and step-by-step guides for submitting applications and getting good mortgage rates online. Send in an application.

American Loan Search - Loan Chat
United States mortgage lending companies lead chat public chat sessions. Join a discussion group or link to related resources.

Ameriquest Mortgage
People with bad credit can refinance or get a home equity loan from this mortgage lender. Find a local branch or request a loan online.|100143780;g=z/http://www.amer

Ameriquest Mortgage Company - The Loan Process
Follow five steps to secure a home equity loan. Prequalifies homeowners with bad credit in 24 hours and signs the loan in seven days.|60620582;g=z/http://www.ameri

Arizona - Planet Loan
Get mortgage and home loan quotes from multiple lenders serving the state of Arizona. Provides a rate comparison survey as well as loan company listings.|100066223;g=z/http://www.pla

Bad Credit Loan
Specializes in providing home, auto, and personal loans, as well as credit cards and credit-repair services for those with bad credit.

Bad Credit Loan - No Credit Refused
Lists links to services that help people with imperfect credit obtain loans for home or personal use, debt consolidation, or refinancing.

Best Bad Credit Loans
People with bad credit can consult this guide to find links to and reviews of sites that offer auto, credit, mortgage, and personal loans.

Big Picture, The - Accent Home Loans
Get an overview of how mortgages work and learn how the size of the loan affects costs and monthly mortgage payments.

Black - The Road To Winning Credit
Seek advice on obtaining and maintaining good credit by keeping debts low and choosing the right kind of credit plan.

California - Planet Loan
Mortgage and home loan quotes from multiple lenders serving California can be accessed here. Read testimonials, access a rate comparison survey, or view company listings.|100066230;g=z/http://www.pla

Cheapest Loan UK
UK-based resource for personal lending, secured loans, and mortgages offers comparative quotes, plus advice on brokers and loan protection.

Colorado - Planet Loan
Check out Colorado loan company listings provided by this loan search engine. Offers a rate comparison survey and testimonials as well as home loan and mortgage quotes.|100066235;g=z/http://www.pla

Connecticut - Planet Loan
Lenders and brokers can advertise through this loan search engine and those searching for Connecticut loan companies can find listings here. Access mortgage quotes.|100066245;g=z/http://www.pla

Credit Problems - IndyMac Bank
Potential home buyers who are concerned about their credit ratings can explore this bank's home loans and apply by phone or computer.|60744169;g=z/http://www.indym

Deep Green Bank
Federal savings bank based in Cleveland provides CDs and home equity lines of credit. Find out about tax-advantaged borrowing and QuickCash loans.|100030182;g=z/http://service.bfa

Delaware - Planet Loan
Lender search results for seekers of Delaware loan companies are listed here. Get mortgage and home loan quotes from multiple lenders or check out testimonials.|100066252;g=z/http://www.pla

Borrow money from this company that offers loans for mortgages and real estate financing. Look for unconventional financing and out-of-state loans.

Directory of loans provides links to applications, business services and books. Lists credit cards, plus auto, home, equity and personal loans.

Florida - Planet Loan
Fill out a rate comparison survey or get home loan and mortgage quotes from multiple lenders serving the state of Florida. Provides loan company listings as well as tips.|100066336;g=z/http://www.pla

Georgia - Planet Loan
Find lenders and brokers who specialize in standard home purchases and refinances in the state of Georgia. Access customized mortgage quotes from multiple lenders.|100066356;g=z/http://www.pla

Inheritance Funding Company
Provides cash-advance outlets to heirs in probate and trust beneficiaries, regardless of credit status or income history. Refer a friend.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine - Loan Shopping
Describes the advantages of shopping for consumer loans over the Internet and provides an index of issuers and rates.

Lenders Interactive Services
Instant free online resource matching businesses and individuals to compatible lenders. Find tips and guides.

Directory offers links to various affiliated companies offering credit and lending services. Follow the links to a range of financing options.

Loan Links
Search this directory for mortgage, personal, auto, and credit-card loan lenders and brokers throughout the US. Provides mortgage rates and a loan calculator.|100008892;g=z/http://www.loa

Loan Web
Shop online for a loan for a house, home improvements, a commercial venture, or debt consolidation, find advice on what to spend, or get a quote.

Lists merchants that provide auto, personal, or mortgage loans. Research rates and general offers to find a program that meets financial needs.

LoanWeb - Customize Your Loan
Follow this guide to loan customization that presents details on no-closing cost loans, hybrid loans, ARM teaser rates and eliminating PMI.|60556691;g=z/http://loanweb.

LoanWeb - Resource Guide
Browse an extensive loan resource guide to find calculators, money-saving tools, online credit reports and tips for shopping for a mortgage.|60556660;g=z/http://loanweb.

Directory offers links to credit card companies, mortgages, home, auto and student loans, debt consolidation, credit reports, and other services.

Online Bad Credit Loans
Folks with bad credit can find tips on repairing their credit and information on securing subprime loans.

Online Bank Financing Association
Created for consumers of varying credit backgrounds, this guide lists suppliers of credit cards, personal and auto loans, mortgages, and debt-consolidation services.

Offers links to affiliated providers of a variety of loans and credit cards. Read a brief introduction to each type of financing, and fill out an application.


Resource provides consumers with options and services in seeking debt consolidation, repairing bad credit, and becoming solvent after filing for bankruptcy.

Quicken Loans
Provides consumers with a ranking of home loans for comparison, pre-approval, and free credit reports. Offers several loan programs for home purchases and refinances.|1281637;g=z/http://quickenlo

Successful Farming - Country Banks Offering FSA Loans
Nov. 1998 article describes the Farm Service Agency guaranteed loans available through country banks, and their advantages to smaller farms.

UK Loans Directory
Directory aims to help consumers in the United Kingdom find loans, providing reviews and applications. Includes car, student, and secured and unsecured personal loans.

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