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International Central Banks

Africa - Central Bank of West African States
Get bank info in English or French that includes a collection of publications, details on the banking system, and integration projects.

Angola - Banco Nacional de Angola
Portuguese-only profile talks about the National Bank of Angola. Read about its financial systems and operations.

Argentina - Banco Central de la Republica Argentina
Bilingual resource discusses the operations and systems of the BCRA. Check out its statistical info, regulations and databases.

Armenia - Central Bank of Armenia
Learn about the bank's structure, management, payment, and settlement system, and access details on its currency.

Aruba - Central Bank
Presents state documents on banking, foreign exchange regulations, press releases, publications, and socioeconomic indicators.

Austria - Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Central bank of Austria provides a copy of its annual report, and includes details on its services. With articles about the Euro.

Bahrain - Bahrain Monetary Agency
Outlines Bahrain as an international financial center, with money and banking indicators, rules and regulations, and financial institutions.

Bank of Canada
Comb the French and English text about the nation's monetary policy, bank notes, central banking services and federal debt management.

Barbados - Central Bank
Offers general info including its objectives, functions, organization, and a list of senior officers, and details its special services.

Belgium - National Bank of Belgium
Official web site is available in multiple languages, and offers financial info, details on the Euro, and a list of publications.

Bermuda - Bermuda Monetary Authority
Access an intro to Bermuda, and get banking info including the role of the BMA, details on its services, and quarterly public notices.

Bolivia - Banco Central de Bolivia
Explore the Spanish resource about the South American central bank. Discusses the country's economy and monetary information.

Bosnia and Herzgovina - Central Bank
Read an introduction to the bank's formation and responsibilities, and learn about its legislation, banknotes, and staff. In multiple languages.

Brazil - Banco Central do Brasil
Describes the bank's mission, function and management with sections on consumer info and economic data. Also in Portuguese.

Bulgaria - Bulgarian National Bank
Bulgarian bank describes its currency and legal framework, and provides a collection of statistics and publications. Also in Bulgarian.

Caribbean - Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Find publications, economic and financial data, and job opportunities at this official web site. Includes speeches and exchange rates.

Chile - Central Bank
Provides a general overview, central bank policies, regulations, and press releases as well as economic data including balance sheets.

Columbia - Banco de la Republica
Visit the central bank of the South American country and learn about its function in the nation's economy and debt management.

Costa Rica - Central Bank of Costa Rica
Official homepage for Costa Rica's Central Bank offers contact information and a list of available services. Available in Spanish only.

Croatian National Bank
Get details about the bank's conferences on transition economies and find a list of the bank's currency exchange rates. Also locate branches.

Cyprus - Central Bank of Cyprus
Read a message from the governor, and access sections on investing, currency, monetary policy, and publications. Provides exchange rates.

Czech Republic - Czech National Bank
Official web site posts the minutes of its board meetings, press releases, and offers access to its archives. Get inflation and annual reports.

Reserve Bank of Australia
Provides an overview of the central bank, its history, and organization, plus press releases, speeches, publications, and job opportunities.

Bank for International Settlements
International organization based in Switzerland to promote cooperation and coordination of the activities of the world's central banks.

Central Bank of Jordan
Provides the history and functions of the bank, a description of the banking system, circulars and laws, and general country facts.

Denmark - Danmarks National Bank
Central bank of Denmark offers sections on press releases, statistics, and markets, and lists its collection of publications. Also in Danish.
Dominican Republic - Banco Central
Financial entity of the federal government presents its publications, economic data and monetary services. The text is in Spanish only.

Ecuador - Banco Central del Ecuador
Central bank of Ecuador explains its national operations in English and Spanish. Learn about the bank in a document from the IMF.

Estonia - Bank of Estonia
Bank provides its mission statement, banking system regulations, and a collection of press releases, articles, and speeches. Use the search tool.

Europe - European Central Bank
Info on the ECB, press releases, news reports, speeches, publications and other documents relating to monetary union, in many European languages.

Finland - Bank of Finland
Central bank discloses its monetary policy, payment systems, and provides an overview of its informational services. Read updated news articles.

France - Banque de France
Find banking and financial info, regulations, publications, and access an overview of its tasks and responsibilities. Download a monthly digest.

Germany - Deutschen Bundesbank
Germany's central bank posts financial reports, press releases and a FAQ. Review the addresses of its regional branches.

Greece - Bank of Greece
Central bank oversees the Greek economy from Athens. Find news, publications, statistics as well as info about its participation in the euro.

Guatemala - Banco de Guatemala
Central bank details its monetary policies and economic goals. Explore its publications, data and statistics in Spanish.

Honduras - Banco Central de Honduras
Explore this national bank's economic policies, indicators, and related financial publications. Includes contact details and a list of services.

Hong Kong - Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Central bank provides resources such as its mission and objectives, monetary policy, statistics, speeches, publications and a learning center.

Hungary - National Bank of Hungary
Read an introduction to the bank that describes its offerings of monthly and annual reports, images of banknotes, and a list of publications.

Iceland - Central Bank of Iceland
Established in 1961, this bank implements monetary policy and manages the nation's foreign exchange reserves. View its annual report.

India - Reserve Bank of India
Central bank site offers resources such as press releases, publications, speeches, foreign exchange rates and the Bankers Training College.

Indonesia - Bank of Indonesia
Visit the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia. Includes news, major monetary indicators and exchange rates.

Ireland - Central Bank of Ireland
Learn about the governing powers of the financial institution. Has information about notes, coins, statistics and the euro.

Israel - Bank of Israel
Overview of the bank details its history, functions, monetary policy, and organizational structure. Check out recent economic developments.

Italy - Banca d'Italia
English and Italian texts discuss the central bank's role and function in the country. Covers its partnerships with other EU members.

Jamaica - Bank of Jamaica
Lists financial and economic info including press releases, publications and government securities. Covers the Bank of Jamaica Acts.

Japan - Bank of Japan
Access sections on monetary policy, reports and statistics, research papers, and postings of new additions for this central bank of Japan.

Kazakstan - National Bank of Kazakstan
Find news updates on this nation's banking and economy, annual reports, statistical bulletins, email contact info, and links to other banks.

Kenya - Central Bank of Kenya
Bank strives to maintain price stability and a sound financial system for the country. Find a collection of economic reviews and annual reports.

Korea - Bank of Korea
Resource details the financial and payment system, Korean economy, and General Banking Act. With speeches, statistics, and publications.

Korea, North - North Korean Financial Institutions
Document details history and activities for various financial institutions in the country including the central, trade, Daesong, and credit bank.

Kuwait - Central Bank of Kuwait
Resource features the bank's mission, operations, and the banking laws. See the weekly treasury report and illustrations of notes and coins.

Central Reserve Bank of Peru
Provides national currency, interest rate, and stock market information for Peru's economy. Browse weekly updates and national statistics.

Latvia - Bank of Latvia
Peruse general bank details including its monetary policy, organization, and history, or access financial info, laws, and publications.

Lebanon - Bank of Lebanon
Find daily and weekly rates, announcements, or read financial data and articles on exchange and payment systems. Includes a country profile.

Lithuania - Bank of Lithuania
Discloses general provisions, organizational structure, and history as well as provides an extensive library of statistics. Get news releases.

Luxembourg - Banque centrale du Luxembourg
French and English texts profile the nation's central bank. Access the data of its economic statistics and documents.

Macau - Monetary and Foreign Exchange Authority
Find reference material that details the bank's statutory duties, structure, and financial system. View a holiday calendar.

Macedonia - National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
Bank strives to maintain the stability of the domestic currency, and offers details on its council, organization, laws and regulations.

Malawi - Reserve Bank of Malawi
Learn about the senior management operations of the central bank. Has details about federal economic services.

Malaysia - Central Bank of Malaysia
Bank Negara Malaysia reports the nation's economic and financial policies, statistics and documents. Tap into the archive of its speeches.

Malta - Central Bank of Malta
Regularly updated sections include exchange rates and markets, money market reports, and press releases. Read its annual report.

Mexico - Bank of Mexico
Aims to procure the national currency's purchasing power, and presents info on its monetary and exchange rate policies and financial regulations.

Moldova - National Bank of Moldova
Get details on the bank's history, legal framework, and organizational structure, or learn about its monetary policy. In English and Romanian.

Myanmar - Central Bank of Myanmar
Contains an extensive article that details Myanmar's financial structure and exchange arrangements. Read about banks' missions and purpose.

Netherlands Antilles, The - Central Bank
Official web site for this bank provides an organizational chart, rules and regulations, exchange rates, and an overview of its history.

Netherlands, The - De Nederlandsche Bank
Reference materials for this central bank of the Netherlands offers press releases, statistics, publications, and details on its monetary policy.

Nicaragua - Banco Central de Nicaragua
Spanish-only profile details the country's economic and cultural conditions. Look up national statistics and documents.

Norway - Norges Bank
Find national economic and financial details from the Norwegian Central Bank. Provides inflation reports, market info, statistics and speeches.

Paraguay - Central Bank of Paraguay
Spanish-reading users can access information about the federal institution. Learn about the country's economy and indices.

Poland - National Bank of Poland
Central bank expounds on the economic structure, legislation and statistics of the European nation. Read the details in English and Polish.

Portugal - Bank of Portugal
Portuguese central bank features exchange rates, statistics, and a documents section that includes its annual report and a statistical bulletin.

Qatar - Qatar Central Bank
See how the organization encourages the monetary, credit and banking policies of the state of Qatar. Explore the text in English and Arabic.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Overview of the role and function of New Zealand's central bank. Includes press releases, speeches, publications. statistics, and links.

Russia - Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Documents the bank's history and its various forms of political control. Review its present monetary policies and reports in English and Russian.

Bank of England
UK central bank provides monetary and policy analysis, market and European reports. Find a history of banknotes and details about the Museum.

Monetary Authority of Singapore
Find detailed information about this government organisation and its activities. Access news and follow related links.

San Marino - Stituto di Credito Sammarinese
Central bank promotes the economic and financial development of the Republic of San Marino. Read a list of its functions in English or Italian.

Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
Banking resource details the Saudi Arabian economy, stocks and national payments. Scroll through the documents about its market indicators.

Slovakia - National Bank of Slovakia
Slovak central bank details its strategies to develop a modern market economy. Review its economic indicators, laws and publications.

Slovenia - Bank of Slovenia
Find the latest exchange, interest, and base rates, or learn about the bank's laws, regulations, and public projects. Includes user instructions.

South Africa - South African Reserve Bank
Details the role and function of the central bank, media releases, economic and financial info, registered banks and job vacancies.

Spain - Bank of Spain
Spain's central bank delineates its basic functions and responsibilities, and includes an assortment of reports, news, and statistics.

Sri Lanka - Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Features the history and organization of the bank, economic statistics such as exchange rates and interest rates, and a list of publications.

Swaziland - Central Bank of Swaziland
Bank lists its mission and objectives, and provides core economic data, its policy statement, and an archive of tenders. View the annual reports.

Sweden - Sweden Central Bank
Established in 1668, Sveriges Riksbank is one of the world's oldest central banks and is responsible for the country's exchange rate policy.

Switzerland - Swiss National Bank
Learn about the bank's responsibilities, goals, and monetary policy, or read the updated news section that posts press releases and bulletins.

Taiwan - Central Bank of China
Official web site for this institution contains introductions to the bank, its governors, and its deputy governors. Find financial information.

Tanzania - Bank of Tanzania
Describes the bank's organizational structure, objectives, and functions, and outlines its financial operations. Access exchange rates.

Thailand - Bank of Thailand
Highlights its regularly updated section that includes foreign exchange and interest rates. Or access a collection of speeches and publications.

Trinidad and Tobago - Central Bank
Economic and financial information contains statistics on its foreign exchange, external sector, and national income. Details monetary policy.

Tunisia - Central Bank of Tunisia
Get currency info, browse a list of economic indicators, and get contact details for locations of Tunisia's official financial institutions.

Turkey - Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Access bank info including its history, committee bios, and details on its functions and structure. With daily exchange rates and publications.

Ukraine - National Bank of Ukraine
Institution guides the market policies of the Ukrainian economy. Check out its activities, strategies and federal services.

Venezuela - Central Bank of Venezuela
Explore the Spanish text about the federal institution. The source covers legislation, conferences, indicators and publications.

Yemen - Central Bank of Yemen
Bank carries out the country's monetary policy, and provides info about its functions, policies, and laws.


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