State Capitol in Montgomery-Alabama

Deep South – Heart of Dixie – Sweet Home

The state of Alabama is located in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico. Alabama is one of the southern states and is nicknamed the Cotton State. Alabama is referred to as – Heart of Dixie. A vacation to Alabama comes highly recommended. In addition to the still relatively young cultural history of the US state, the flair of the southern states can be enjoyed in Alabama . This is reflected in the architecture, the food and the music.

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State Capitol in Montgomery-Alabama

State Capitol in Montgomery-Alabama

Cotton State

Alabama has been part of the United States of America since 1819. Montgomery is the capital; about 4.8 million people live in the Cotton State. The country gradually rises from the Gulf of Mexico and ends in northeastern Alabama in the Appalachian Mountains. The beautiful, varied landscapes promise a uniquely beautiful holiday stay. The Appalachian Mountains are a very popular hiking region. Camping is common and a good way to visit the highlights of Alabama. Campgrounds with different amenities are located throughout the state.

Water and vast forests

Apart from the agricultural areas, Alabama has larger forest areas that are heavily used economically. Mount Cheaha is the highest mountain in Alabama at 734 meters. The US state has very beautiful beach areas on the Gulf of Mexico. Alabama can be described as rich in water, numerous streams and rivers run through the country, there are countless lakes to discover. Alabama was and still is a large supplier of cotton. Crops such as soy, corn and peanuts are grown. The logging industry is very important to the country in the southern states. Numerous industrial companies are based in the US state.

Alabama-Heart of Dixie

Bluegrass music can be heard blaring around every corner. In the sleepy, actually quite boring small towns, time seems to have stood still. Traditions, primarily French heritage in music and food, play an important role in Alabama. Football is the most popular sport in Southern country.

View of Montgomery, Alabama from Gun Island Chute

Brisk commercial activity in Alabama

In the big cities of Alabama, there is rarely a dull moment. In Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile or Birmingham, trade with the whole world is an important economic factor. Industry has created many good jobs in the outskirts of the cities. The country’s restaurants offer delicious and hearty Southern cuisine. In addition to the numerous museums in Alabama, sophisticated entertainment is presented in theaters and operas.

Things to do in Alabama

The US state of Alabama in the south-east of the USA has not only varied nature to offer but also numerous cultural sights from the early days to the “Civil War” of the USA. Numerous mansions in the Victorian style from the time of slavery in Alabama have been preserved and are now among the tourist highlights.

Bronze Figure Ervin S. Cooper at Cooper Riverside Park – Mobile

Fort Gaines – to protect Mobile Bay

Fort Gaines was built in 1821 to protect Mobile Bay. Fort Gaines played an important role during the American Civil War (1861-1865). In 1864 an extremely bloody battle took place there against the southern states. A museum of Fort Gaines facts and history is available. Fort Gaines is located on Dauphin Island off Alabama in the Gulf of Mexico. In 2005, Hurricane Kathrina caused extensive damage to Dauphin Island.

Roots of the civil rights movement

During the US Civil War (1861-1865), the country played an important role for the Confederate army. Montgomery, Alabama was the first Confederate capital. Alabama played a major role in the American civil rights movement in the mid-20th century . The Rise of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior began in the Alabama capital, Montgomery.

Cities in Alabama

  • Birmingham
  • Montgomery
  • Mobile
  • Huntsville
  • Tuscaloosa
  • Hoover
  • Dothan
  • Auburn
  • Decatur
  • madison
  • Florence
  • Gadsden
  • Prattville
  • Phoenix City
  • Vestavia Hills
  • alabaster
  • Bessemer
  • Prichard
  • Opelika
  • Enterprise

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Alabama attractions

  • Boll Weevil Monument
  • Russell Cave National Monument

Alabama – once a slave state

At the time of slave ownership, the oppressed, colored people, the kidnapped slaves from Africa, had to harvest the cotton fields in the humid and humid heat. Almost all were severely abused. The work was incredibly tedious for the people. Many of the African slaves died. “Thank God” those times are long gone. However, the cotton harvest is still strenuous today. The cultivation and trade of cotton in Alabama has remained.

Overall, agriculture still plays a major role in Alabama today. In the 20th century, however, industrial production and energy production came to the fore in the state. Numerous mansions and magnificent buildings of the former plantation owners have remained from the time of slavery.

Talladega Superspeedway

Talladega is home to the massive Talladega Superspeedway. Nascar races are held there twice a year. The huge racing arena in Alabama holds more than 140,000 people. The International Motorsports Hall of Fame is also located there, where around 150 historic racing vehicles can be admired.

Things to know about Alabama

Facts worth knowing about the US state of Alabama, located in the southeastern United States. Alabama became the 22nd state to join the Union in 1819. The camellia flower and yellowhammer bird are national symbols of the US state. Alabama is not a mountainous country, apart from the Appalachian mountains to the northeast. Water plays an important role in the state. In addition to the historical places in the country, the water-rich regions are very important and worth visiting.

Map of Alabama – United States

The map of Alabama in the southeastern United States. The map shows the neighboring states, the largest cities in the country, the rivers and lakes as well as the courses of the highways and the most important roads in the state. In the south, the Gulf of Mexico borders the US state of Alabama. The area of ​​Alabama is 135,765 km².

Boll Weevil Monument

Monument to the cotton boll weevil

The Boll Weevil Monument in Alabama – USA was designated in memory of a pest, the cotton boll weevil. The monument is located in the city of Enterprise and was built in 1919. The Boll Weevil Monument in Alabama is the only memorial in the United States dedicated to an agricultural pest (cotton).

Small, ugly and harmful to cotton plants – boll weevil

Immigrated from the south

At the beginning of the 20th century, the cotton pest, coming from Mexico, first appeared in Alabama and destroyed large parts of the cotton crop. The farmers had to come up with something.

Diversity instead of monocultures

Until then, there were huge cotton monocultures in Alabama, making it easy for the cotton boll weevil. The farmers subsequently grew numerous other crops, but primarily peanuts instead of cotton.

Cotton field near Mobile, Alabama

Smaller, more varied cultural landscapes emerged. The pest was now easier to contain. A very positive side effect of this was that the farmers usually earned more money than ever before through their diverse range of crops.

Russel Cave National Monument in Alabama

Cave of Bats

The Russel Cave National Monument is located near the border in the northeast of the state of Alabama – USA, west of South Pittsburg. Russel Cave National Monument includes a large limestone cave worth seeing. Prehistoric tools and remains of animal and human bones have been discovered in the cave at Russel Cave National Monument. The Russel Cave has an extension of 11.6 kilometers.

Entrance to Russel Cave in Alabama

Dwelling in danger of collapsing

Approximately 24,000 visitors flock to Russel Cave each year, which long ago provided shelter for Native Americans. The cave is located in a water-rich region of Alabama. The cave’s limestone has repeatedly been decomposed by intruding water in the past; Parts of the cave ceiling kept collapsing. Structural measures were therefore taken to prevent further collapses.

In the kingdom of flying friends

Russel Cave National Monument in Alabama was established in 1961. Two rare species of bats live in the cave . Numerous bird species breed around the cave system.

Cave Museum – Prehistoric People in Russel Cave – Cave

Inside the cave, the life of the people at that time is recreated and presented using lifelike dolls.