Ama, Louisiana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

By | April 15, 2023

Ama, Louisiana is a small town located near the Mississippi River in St. Charles Parish. The town is bordered by several other cities and towns including Destrehan, Boutte, Luling, Paradis, and Norco. Destrehan is a historic city with a vibrant downtown area full of shops and restaurants. Boutte is a small rural community with several outdoor recreation areas including fishing lakes and parks. Luling offers visitors a glimpse into the past with its many historical sites such as the Luling Oil Museum and St. Charles Streetcar Museum. Paradis is another rural community that features an abundance of recreational activities such as hiking trails and golf courses. Finally, Norco is an industrial town with many industrial companies located nearby.

All of these cities and towns offer something unique to explore in Ama’s vicinity. Whether it be shopping or dining in Destrehan or exploring the outdoors in Boutte or Norco, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to enjoy themselves while visiting Ama. In addition to these bordering cities and towns, Ama also has its own attractions including local restaurants, parks, churches, and museums. With so much to see and do nearby, it’s no wonder why Ama has become one of the most popular destinations in Louisiana!

Population of Ama, Louisiana

Ama, Louisiana is a small town located in St. Charles Parish with a population of about 1,500 people. The town is located near the Mississippi River and is bordered by several other cities and towns including Destrehan, Boutte, Luling, Paradis, and Norco. The population of Ama consists primarily of whites (77%), African Americans (19%), Hispanics (2%), and Asians (1%).

Ama’s population has grown steadily over the years due to its close proximity to New Orleans as well as its small-town charm. Many people have moved here to experience the peace and quiet of living in a rural area while still being within driving distance of the city. In addition to this influx of new residents, Ama also sees an influx of visitors each year who come to experience the many attractions that the town has to offer.

The median age in Ama is 36 years old with slightly more females than males making up the population. The median household income in Ama is around $45,000 which is slightly higher than the national average but still lower than other nearby cities such as Destrehan and Luling. Additionally, there are plenty of job opportunities available in Ama for those looking for employment opportunities.

Overall, Ama offers a unique blend of small-town charm combined with easy access to larger cities such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge making it an attractive destination for both residents and visitors alike. With its rich history and friendly locals, it’s easy to understand why so many people are drawn to this charming little town!

Schools and Education in Ama, Louisiana

Ama, Louisiana is served by the St. Charles Parish Public School System which is comprised of seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The town is home to Ama Elementary School which serves students in Kindergarten through 5th grade and is located right in the heart of town. Ama Middle School serves students in 6th through 8th grade while Hahnville High School serves 9th through 12th grade and is located just a few miles away in the nearby city of Destrehan. Check collegesanduniversitiesinusa for Louisiana colleges and universities.

The school system in Ama offers an excellent education for its students with a focus on student achievement and well-rounded learning experiences. Each school has highly qualified teachers and staff members who are dedicated to helping each student reach their fullest potential. Additionally, each school offers a variety of extra-curricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, and after-school programs to help keep students engaged both inside and outside of the classroom.

In terms of higher education opportunities, Ama residents have access to several nearby universities including Tulane University in New Orleans, Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. All of these universities offer a wide range of degree programs for those looking to further their studies or pursue a career path after graduating from high school.

Overall, the school system in Ama provides an excellent educational experience for its students with a focus on student achievement as well as providing plenty of opportunities for extra-curricular activities both inside and outside of the classroom. With its close proximity to several universities, Ama also provides easy access to higher education opportunities for those who wish to pursue them!

Ama, Louisiana

Places of Interest in Ama, Louisiana

Ama, Louisiana is a small town with a lot of charm and plenty of places to explore. From historical sites to outdoor activities, there is something for everyone in Ama.

One of the most popular attractions in Ama is the Ama Historic District which is home to many of the town’s oldest buildings, including some that date back to the 1800s. This area includes a number of 19th-century structures such as St. Peter’s Church, the Old Town Hall, and several other homes and businesses that have been preserved over the years. Visitors can also take part in guided tours that offer insight into Ama’s past and its architecture.

For those looking for outdoor activities, there are plenty of options available in Ama as well. The town is home to multiple public parks such as North Shore Park and South Shore Park which offer plenty of space for picnics, walking trails, playgrounds, and more. Additionally, nearby Lake Maurepas provides great opportunities for fishing, boating, and other water sports while Bayou Des Allemands allows visitors to explore Louisiana’s unique bayous.

Ama also offers several cultural attractions including art galleries featuring local artists’ work as well as museums highlighting local history and culture. The town also hosts events throughout the year such as festivals celebrating Mardi Gras or Christmas on Main Street which provide entertainment for both locals and visitors alike.

Overall, Ama offers something for everyone – from historical sites to outdoor activities – making it an ideal destination for a day trip or weekend getaway!