An Thing Sweetest Streetstyle: Pastel Colors Can Already Be Seen in The Streets

The pastel colors It is one of the trends that most draws attention and the truth is that although currently not see me with her I like very much. Above all by its diversity when it comes to combine the colour palette: yellow with green, Pink with blue, orange with nude … No matter how look it! Sure that the result is ideal and brilliant. But giving a tour of fashion blogs have realized a formula that is repeated day in, day also: Pink and green (bluish) Mint. Will it be the winner?

While the rose may vary between uploaded cake or pulling to nude. For example, the author of Dear Diary focuses its attention in its Turquoise Blue skinny and therefore the combines with a pink blouse stick almost flesh colored. To not make her outfit a cakes styling, it combines everything a Sandals color wine Zara. What you think about the result?

But, do you know am I going to wear this fashion? As the author of Song of Style is used: in monocolor. And this that I bring in your hand is a good example: with a monoshort simple yet divine. So yes I am & #8230;

With neon details

But there are other people who decide to go further and mix the trend pastel colors with the neon. I too much? No, if you know how to do it. For example, the author of My Showroom mixes jeans in Orange neon with a trench in pastel-coloured and the result is ideal. You convinced?

Although this girl’s streetstyle & #8230 for mixes; Dr.Martens in the feet, Fluorine satchel hanging from their shoulders, pencil skirt purple and jersey of eight Mint color. An impossible mixture, but for tastes the colors (never better said).

Have you fallen rendered to this new fashion?