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By | January 30, 2023

Argentina is a country in South America that has approximately 40 million residents. It presents one of the best social indicators in Latin America. It is the second largest economy in South America, surpassed only by the Brazilian economy. The country is one of the most important in MERCOSUR, comprising of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The Argentine productive sector is mainly composed of activities related to agricultural and livestock production. In the latter, the country is among the largest producers in the world. Argentina is a major producer of beef and meat products and wool. In agriculture, the country stands out in the production of several cereals and olive oils, with greater evidence for wheat, the main product.

The country has a high fishing potential, which is not fully exploited, however, this sector stands out in the production of hake and squid. The mineral potential is still not being explored effectively, given that there are important deposits of oil, coal, natural gas and various metals in the Argentine subsoil.

Another activity linked to agriculture that has been growing significantly is the production of wine. Currently, the country occupies the fifth place in the world production of this product. The factors that favored the activity are: temperate subtropical climate, soil and huge domestic consumer market.

The Argentine industrial park is mainly concentrated in the metropolitan region of Buenos Aires. In this sector of the economy, the biggest highlight is for the packaging and food products industry, in addition to the manufacture of fabrics and automobiles. With the implementation of MERCOSUR, starting in 1991, the country registered a great growth in its economy, even with crises, such as what happened in the beginning of the 2000s.

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