Arkansas – Land of Opportunity

By | July 5, 2022

Hot springs and plenty of nature

The state of Arkansas is located just southeast of the United States and is classified as a – Natural State – and – Land of Opportunity. designated. In 1836 Arkansas became a member of the United States. Arkansas is part of the southern United States. Logging and cotton farming used to play a major role in Arkansas. Today, Arkansas thrives on the diversity of the country’s industrial companies.

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Arkansas State Capitol at Little Rock


Arkansas State Capitol at Little Rock

However, mining and agriculture are still important sectors of the economy. However, the real treasure of Arkansas is its nature, the forests, the mountains and the largely fertile plains. Within Arkansas are the Ozark Mountains and the Ouachita Mountains.

Varied natural landscapes

In the west and north of the country are the so-called Highlands of Arkansas. The nature in Arkansas can be described as very diverse and very interesting. Tourism is playing an increasingly important role in the country. Arkansas has hot springs and mineral springs that have long been used medicinally for health care. The capital of Arkansas is Little Rock. Numerous Native American events are held in Arkansas throughout the year.

Twin Rivers Pedestrian Bridge over the Arkansas River

Popular holiday region

Hot Springs National Park is located in Arkansas. As the name suggests, the national park is famous for its hot springs. Perhaps not quite as impressive as in Yellowstone National Park, hot water fountains shoot out of the ground here too. The varied nature in Arkansas offers plenty of room for vacation and leisure activities. The most popular sport in Arkansas is golf. Water plays a big part in Arkansas.

Skyline of Little Rock – capital of Arkansas

There are about 6,000 km² of water in Arkansas. Water sports are therefore very popular there. Clear mountain lakes, fed by clean mountain streams, are an Eldorado for anglers. The waters of Arkansas truly rank among the best foundry fishing in the entire United States.

Golf, hiking and water sports

The Ozark Mountains are known to every golfer. Arkansas has numerous forest areas, as well as varied and idyllic mountain regions with clear mountain lakes. Arkansas is great for hiking and other outdoor activities. Arkansas has fairly flat areas facing the Mississippi River, but also mountain ranges that allow for rock climbing. Arkansas is a tourist magnet. Every year, countless tourists from all over the world come to the state of Arkansas to spend a pleasant vacation there.

Small waterfall in the woods of the Ozark Mountains

Arkansas is a very popular vacation region in the USA. The climate there is usually very pleasant. Arkansas has green forests and cultural landscapes with very varied natural regions.

Numerous beautiful hiking trails criss-cross the Ozark Mountains. Limestone caves are also found in the mountains. The Ozark Mountains are home to numerous memorials and sites related to the American Civil War (1861-1865).

Arkansas attractions

  • Arkansas State Capitol
  • Mammoth Spring State Park
  • Crater of the Diamonds Park
  • Hot Springs National Park
  • Crystal Bridges Museum
  • Thorncrown Chapel
  • Reynolds Razerback Stadium
  • Arkansas Arts Center
  • Arkansas Post Memorial
  • Hot Springs Mountain Tower
  • Big Dam Bridge – Little Rock
  • Lake Ouachita
  • Glenwood Caverns
  • Bear Creek Falls
  • Telluride Resort
  • Black Bear Pass
  • Treasure Falls
  • Piedra River
  • Salida Hot Springs
  • Yankee Boy Basin
  • Imogene passport
  • Box Canyon
  • Animas Forks
  • Horsetooth Mountain
  • Fossil Creek Park

Largest cities in Arkansas

  • Little Rock
  • FortSmith
  • Fayetteville
  • Springdale
  • Jonesboro

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Geographic Regions

  • Ozarks
  • River Valley
  • Central
  • Delta
  • Ouachitas
  • Timberlands

River Valley

The River Valley region is located south of the Ozark Mountains. The River Valley impresses with a beautiful landscape. The Arkansas River Valley is known for its recreational opportunities, as is Lake Dardanelle. Many small towns can be found here, often appearing European. In fact, many Europeans migrated to Arkansas in earlier times. The River Valley region is home to Arkansas Wine Country.

Mountains in the River Valley

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The three mountains are called ” The Tri-Peaks “. At the top of the mountains are state parks. A moderate campsite can also be found there. The very old town of “Fort Smith” is located in the River Valley, as is the community of Van Buren, known for its handicrafts.


The Ouachita region is located in southwest Arkansas. Hot Springs National Park is located there. The Ouachita Mountains have a lot to offer visitors. There are excellent cycling and hiking trails there. There are also numerous campsites. There are thermal springs at the national park. Very luxurious hotels can be found in Hot Springs town.


The great Timberland region is located in southern Arkansas. Oil is produced there. Wood is an important commodity there. Farming is practiced on the Mississippi River in the east of the Timberlands. The otherwise fairly flat land is used for deer and turkey hunting and fishing, as there are plentiful lakes and rivers in addition to dense forests. Cities in the region include Pine Bluff and El Dorado.


Central Arkansas is dominated by the capital, Little Rock. The Greater Little Rock area is home to approximately 500,000 people. Other cities in central Arkansas include Conway, Cabot, and Searcy. Aviation has always been a big part of Arkansas; many museums are dedicated to this topic.

Another highlight of the Ouachita Mountains – region are the five really crystal clear lakes, which are called Diamond Lakes. The largest of the lakes is Lake Ouachita. There are numerous opportunities for leisure activities at the lakes. Houseboats are available for rent (Lake Ouachita and Degray Lake). Fishing and golfing are popular activities in the Ouachita region. Valuable crystals and quartz can be searched for in disused mines as part of a guided tour.


The eastern region of Arkansas is named “Delta”. In fact, this region contains sections of the vast Mississippi Delta. The road through the delta is nicknamed the “Scenic Byway”; So there is a lot to discover left and right of the road. The “Delta” region on the Mississippi is known for its large agricultural areas.


The Ozark Mountains are located in northern Arkansas. The highlands of the “Ozarks” can be described as extraordinarily diverse. Rivers meander idyllically through the valleys of the Ozark Mountains. Numerous lakes provide further variety in the landscape. The waters of the Ozark Mountains are known for their abundance of fish. Fishing is a popular pastime there. Swimming, boating, canoeing and hiking are also very popular there.

Map of Arkansas USA

The state of Arkansas, located in the south-east of the United States of America, is part of the southern United States. The area of ​​Arkansas is 137,732 km². About 3 million people currently live in Arkansas. The capital, Little Rock, is centrally located in the state. The map shows the neighboring states, the largest cities in the country, the rivers and lakes as well as the courses of the highways and the most important roads in the state.