Arrival in Brazil Part I

By | October 19, 2021

Most travelers come to Rio de Janeiro by air, but this is just one of the many ways to get to Brazil, a country located in South America according to ZIPCODESEXPLORER. The country has several other major international airports and land borders with almost every country in South America (with the exception of Chile and Ecuador).

Airplane: Since Varig’s economic troubles in 2005/06, TAM has been Brazil’s premier international airline. It offers flights to New York, Miami, Paris, London and seven South American cities.

Airlines that offer connections to Brazil include: Aeroméxico, Aerolineas Argentinas, Air Canada, Aerosur, Alitalia, Air France, Avianca, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, COPA, Gol, Penta, Japan Airlines, KLM, Lan Chile, Lufthansa, Swiss, United Airlines, Spanair, Suriname Airways, TAM, TAP Air Portugal and Varig

A variety of European and Brazilian airlines fly direct to Rio and São Paulo. There are also some flights from Madrid (Spanair) and Lisbon (TAP Air Portugal) to Salvador. From Lisbon you can also fly to Recife (TAP Air Portugal) and Fortaleza (TAP Air Portugal).

Varig and British Airways have direct flights from London. There are direct flights to Brazil from the USA from New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Atlanta. Lufthansa flies daily from Munich and Frankfurt and five times a week from Zurich (Switzerland) to Sao Paulo. TAM connects Frankfurt / M. with Sao Paulo and flies to numerous destinations in Brazil from Paris, London and Madrid.

Cheap flights from Frankfurt to Brazil are often offered by Condor (destination Salvador da Bahia).

South America
In addition to the flights between the South American capitals and the major Brazilian cities, there are international flights which can be an alternative to some overland routes.

Meta, a Brazilian regional airline, flies from Georgetown (Guyana), Paramaribo (Suriname) and Cayenne (French Guyana) to Belém and Boa Vista. Air Caraibes from French Guiana flies between Belém and Cayenne. Puma, a Brazilian company, flies from Macapá to Oiapoque, which is near St. Georges in French Guiana. Gol

flies from Boliviafrom Santa Cruz to Campo Grande. TAM and Aerosur fly from Santa Cruz and Cochabamba to São Paulo. Aerosur and Aerocon fly from the Bolivian cities of Cobija, Guayaramerin and Puerto Suárez to the Brazilian cities of Brasiléia, Guajara-Mirim and Corumbá.

From Peru, Gol flies from Lima to Sao Paulo.

From Argentina, Gol flies from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. There are also Gol flights from Porto Alegre to Buenos Aires, Rosario and Cordoba and Montevideo (Uruguay).

Gol and TAM fly between São Paulo and Santiago (Chile) and from Curitiba to Asunción (Paraguay).

The TAM Brazil Airpass can be purchased in conjunction with an international flight ticket from TAM or transatlantic tickets from airlines with which TAM cooperates. The Airpass is cheaper for TAM passengers than for travelers coming to Brazil with cooperating airlines. The TAM Brazil Airpass can be purchased for all YY and YY * domestic TAM flights (but only economy class). The pass is only sold to people who live outside of South America.

The South American Airpassis offered by the airlines TAM and TAM Mercosul and is valid in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile (exception: Easter Island), Peru, Paraguay, Venezuela and Uruguay on all routes offered by these airlines. The South American Airpass is available for stays between 7 and 45 days, buyers must be outside of South America and have international round-trip travel. The Airpass must be purchased for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 countries, a maximum of 8 flight coupons are allowed (if a destination is Iguazú, the maximum number is 9). A maximum of 2 flight interruptions are allowed per country traveled. The flight route must be determined and reserved in advance. Flights may be rebooked, but the flight route cannot be changed after purchasing the Airpass.

The Oneworld Visit South America Pass is offered by British Airways, American Airlines, Finnair, Cathay Pacific, LAN, Iberia and Qantas. He is in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Venezuela and UruguayValid on all routes operated by participating airlines. The pass is only sold to people living outside of South America and is valid for a maximum of 6 months after arrival in South America. The minimum number of flight coupons for this Airpass is three, there is no maximum number. Infants younger than 2 years travel free of charge, but they are not entitled to a seat. The entire route must be determined before purchasing the Airpass. Change of route or flight date changes are chargeable. Cancellations before the start of the trip are subject to a fee, after the start of the trip there is no refund of the price.

Airports: Rio de Janeiro Airport (GIG) (Galeão) is 20 km north of the city. From here an airport bus goes to the national airport of Santos-Dumont. Taxis and buses run to downtown Rio de Janeiro and travel time is around 40 minutes.
São Paulo Airport (GRU) (Guarulhos) is 25 km northeast of the city. From here there is an airport bus to Sao Paulo, the journey time is around 30 minutes. There are also taxis.
Brasilia International Airport (BSB) is located 11 km south of the city. Buses run into the city at regular intervals, the journey time is around 30 minutes. Taxis are also available.
São Paulo Airport (VCP) (Viracopos) is located 18 km southwest of Campinas and 99 km from Sao Paulo.

Other international airports in Brazil are São Paulo (CGH) (Congonhas), Manaus (MAO) (Eduardo Gomes), Salvador (SSA) (Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães), De Macapa, De Belém, De Cruzeiro do Sul, De Boa Vista, De Tabatinga, De Rio Branco, De Campo Grande, Marechal Rondon, De Ponta Pora, De Corumba, De Afonso Pena, De Viracopos / Campinas, Salgado Filho and De Florianopolis.

The most popular international airports in Brazil are Aeroporto Galeão (GIG) in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo’s Aeroporto Guarulhos (GRU). Both have regular connecting flights to airports across the country. Only a few direct scheduled flights from Europe arrive in Salvador (SSA) and Recife (REC).

Ship: The most important port in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro, where numerous cruise ships also dock. Other important ports in the country are Recife, Manaus, Salvador, Fortaleza and Vitória.

Guayaramerín can be reached from the city of Trinidad in Bolivia on a five-day boat trip on the Río Mamoré, which is opposite the Brazilian city of Guajara-Mirim.

The passenger service on the Rio Paraguai between Corumbá (Mato Grosso do Sul) and Asunción (Paraguay) has been discontinued. You could still travel on this route with various cargo ships, but this is only possible with luck and would take a lot of time.

Fast passenger boats need between 8 and 10 hours for the 400 km route on the Amazon between Iquitos (Peru) and Tabatinga (Brazil).

Cruises between Europe and Brazil are offered by the shipping companies Grimaldi Freighter, Swan Hellenic, Holland America Line, Swan, Mediterranean Shipping, Celebrity, Silversea Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Seabourn.

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