Attractions in Andorra

By | October 6, 2021

Andorra is an independent miniature state in Europe and lies in the eastern Pyrenees between Spain and France. The principality is located in a high valley of the Pyrenees. Rivers, mountain lakes, gorges and narrow valleys shape this Landscape picture.

Andorra is one of the oldest states in the world and has retained its independence to this day. Most of the villages are on a road that cuts through the mountainous country. Romantic churches and traditional houses with overhanging roofs and wooden balconies determine the ambience of the villages. Particularly worth seeing churches are the Sant Romá de les Bons, Sant Climent de Pal and Santa Coloma. In addition to many believers, the Meritxell sanctuary, which is picturesquely located in the middle of a mountain range, attracts numerous art lovers to the mountains. Visit cellphoneexplorer for South Europe Travel Guide.

Two paved hiking trails open up almost all of Andorra to nature lovers. Optimal winter sports opportunities also attract numerous tourists to the country. The most famous winter sports center is Soldeu. Both beginners and advanced skiers of the white sport will find their optimal slope here.

In Andorra, the lower layers in particular are characterized by the Mediterranean climate. Evergreen oak stands have developed here. In this region there is an alternation between wasteland and heather. Mixed oak and pine forests grow in the higher areas. The fir trees love shady places and are therefore often located on less sunny slopes. Pine and spruce trees stand at an altitude of 1,600 and 2,000 meters, above which is the tree line.

Of course, the animals of Andorra have also adapted to the climate. In addition to hedgehogs and moles, squirrels and many European bird species also live here. The mammals include foxes, badgers and wild boars. There is also a large rabbit population. The Pyrenees Desman, who lives on the banks of the streams, also lives in Andorra.

Andorra – places of interest

Andorra is a small but interesting country with some Attractionsand attractions.

So you shouldn’t miss out on any Vall del Madriu-Perafita-Claror. This structure is one of the oldest in the country and has been part of theWorld Heritage of UNESCO. Sant Cernai

is definitely worth seeing. The church is especially famous for theirssplendidFrescoed and was built in 1055.

A visit to the ruins of the Chapel of Meritxell will certainly be interesting. The church was built in the 17th century by the Spanish architect Ricard Bofill. Unfortunately, the pilgrimage church was almost completely destroyed by a fire in 1972.

You should also have seen Sant Marti in La Cortinada. In the Romanesque church you can see magnificent frescoes from the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

Also the old seat of government from the sixteenth century “Casa de la Vall” in Andorra la Vella is worth a visit.

The Caldea in Escaldes-Engordany invites you to relaxa. This is a modern bathing paradise. There are several sulphurous thermal springs and a large number of different leisure facilities.

The oldest house in the country is the Can Pal in La Cortinada. Museum lovers should n’t miss the Matrioshka Museum in Escaldes-Engordany. There are more than three hundred Russian dolls in the museum.

The Sant Jordi Museum in Ordino is also worth a visit. It shows an exhibition of a large number of Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Byzantine icons from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries.

The Siadristyi Museum in Odnino is something special. In the museum you can see hand-made miniature works by Nikolay Siasdristyi. These works are considered to be the best in the world. They were made from precious materials such as gold or platinum.

If you are interested in cars, you should n’t miss the National Museum in Encamp. The museum shows the vehicles of the different epochs of the time.

But the Center for Historical Interpretation in Cortinada is also worth a visit. Two mills and a sawmill from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are shown there.

The Museum del Pin in Ordino is the only one of its kind. There is only this pin museum in the whole world. Since more than 52,000 pins are exhibited here, the museum even achieved an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Special technical buildings in Andorra are the Margineda Bridge in Sant Julia de Loria and the Bridge of Sant Antoni in La Massana.

Andorra doesn’t have any special natural beauties to offer. The country itself is actually a natural beauty, an impressive landscape with many valleys, high mountains and a few waterfalls.

Attractions in Andorra