Beaches and Treatment in Odessa, Ukraine

By | February 2, 2023


Odessa is full of original charm and attractiveness, but it can hardly be imagined without long sandy beaches. In total, about 30 km of a coastline equipped for swimming with a smooth entrance to the water, developed infrastructure, an abundance of cafes, restaurants and themed entertainment stretches along the city and its outskirts. Check Topschoolsintheusa to learn more about Ukraine.

The beaches of Odessa are good both for sunbathing and sea bathing, as well as for evening entertainment – during the day it is hot and lazy, and at night it is fun and unrestrained, because almost every major beach is adjacent to one of the popular nightclubs or discos. The palm in this matter is held by the famous “Arcadia”, which many call the hallmark of the city. From the end of spring until the very autumn, the beach is seething with nightlife, popular Ukrainian and foreign guest performers perform in clubs and young people hang out. In the light of the sun, “Arcadia” turns into a prestigious resort with modern beach clubs. Entrance is paid, you will have to pay about 27 UAH for a shower, up to 500 UAH can be asked for a tent on the shore, but in return it offers comfort and coziness, not always available on free beaches.

Only 1.5 hours by train, and you will find yourself in the entertaining village of Zatoka, standing on a narrow sandy spit south of Odessa. Many Odessans believe that this is the best place to swim and relax on the beach. Worth checking out!

In the very center of the city, in the Shevchenko Park area, there is the equally famous Lanzheron beach. Entrance is free, sunbeds 25-40 UAH, please note that the place is crowded. But for 150 UAH you can get some privacy in the beach area of ​​the NEMO complex.

Otrada beach is notable for the cable car descending from French Boulevard and for its swift and airy yachts. The level of comfort is determined by the willingness to pay – a place in the shade costs from 27 UAH on a common beach, up to 300 UAH in the Otrada Beach Club.

Dolphin Beach is not so crowded, it has a children’s area and a place for people with disabilities to relax. There are small beach clubs and some range of water activities. Those staying in the northern suburbs of Odessa – the village of Kotovka – are advised not to rush to the city center, but to pay attention to the Luzanovka beach. There is a small park along the coastline, a lot of cafes and even rides nearby. In the southern part of the city there are several beaches, which are often combined under the single name “Big Fountain”. There are rocky strips of coast with clear water, free areas and popular beach clubs – “Gold Coast”, “Plyazhnik”, “Riviera” and others. It is good to walk along the “Big Fountain” in the evening – long, well-maintained embankments are located.

Treatment in Odessa

The tourist potential of Odessa is not limited to beaches, delicious food and nightclubs. People purposefully go to Odessa for health – the city has long been famous for its sanatoriums and medical resorts of balneo-mud and climatic orientation. At the same time, unlike other resort cities, many Odessa resorts are not taken out of the city at all, so their guests are happy to combine wellness procedures with the cultural and entertainment charms of the “Pearl of the Black Sea” and walks along the famous streets and embankments. By the way, the mild Black Sea climate allows you to fruitfully visit the health resorts of Odessa all year round.

Fans of mineral water, of course, will turn their attention to the waters “Kuyalnik”, “Odesskaya No. 1” and No. 2 of the resort “Big Fountain”. But do not forget that all medicinal waters have a serious list of contraindications. Be vigilant and do not abuse self-medication.

Health resorts in Odessa offer procedures using therapeutic silt mud, sea salts, various mineral baths, water from estuaries, sea bathing, air and sunbathing, all kinds of therapeutic and restorative massages, as well as modern diagnostics and physiotherapy. It is worth going here for those suffering from diseases of the skin, musculoskeletal system, endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems, people with problems of the digestive and respiratory organs, with tuberculosis, rheumatism and the consequences of poliomyelitis.

In total, there are about 20 health resorts in Odessa and its suburbs with accommodation options from the economy class to the elite. Many institutions have acquired their own websites translated into Russian, so it will not be difficult to choose a treatment or preventive course for yourself.

What to bring

Everything related to gastronomic souvenirs is searched for, found and bought at Privoz – with bargaining, cheerful swearing, indispensable tasting and again following the samples of bargaining. One of the oldest markets in Ukraine is located in the very center of Odessa, you can’t pass it by, even if you try hard. It makes sense to visit Privoz at the beginning of the trip – to try and evaluate everything, and then come here on one of the last days before departure and buy home or as a gift to friends ready-made Black Sea fish, real Ukrainian lard (and even in chocolate, yes, yes), homemade smoked meats, pickles and fresh poured fruits.

Odessa, Privoz. A man with a piece of paper walks along the rows. – Man, you forgot to buy a bow! “But I don’t have a bow. “Go ahead, I’ll write to you!”

For aesthetic and cultural souvenirs, welcome to the City Garden of Odessa near Cathedral Square. Artists of all stripes live here, as well as those who sell their art. Portraits, pictures, funny ceramics, decorative trifles, even banal magnets and key rings – all this is available on the shelves of an impromptu and very lively market. Free souvenirs of memory are a bonus – concerts of musicians and performances by artists are not uncommon in the City Garden.

Bunina is famous for its bookstores and supermarkets, for antiques and vintage stuff they go to the flea market near the Starokonny market and flea stalls in Moldavanka.

If we talk about banal shopping, then here is the right road to Katerininskaya, Grecheskaya, Pushkinskaya and, of course, Deribasovskaya. In these streets, the concentration of shops and boutiques is large enough to meet the average tourist and shopping needs.

What to try

It is important to arrive hungry, and Odessa itself will tell you what to try. If there is no way without a pre-planned action plan, then the first thing to do is write down the Import in it. People come here for warm fruits – nectarines, cherry plums, watermelons, for juicy vegetables, fragrant sausages and, of course, for seafood – the legendary kefel, gobies, and the same tyulka (and no need to frown, tyulka in a jar from your store and tyulka in Odessa – these are two big differences!).

We add the vaguely familiar words “forshmak”, “meze” and “tsimes” to the “order in a cafe” list. By the way, the latter can be both a main course and a dessert. If we get lucky. For the first time, for the sake of experiment, steer borscht is well suited. A gourmet will rediscover beef stroganoff, chicken neck, fried flounder, eggplant and an unusual combination of watermelons, unsalted cheese and fresh tomatoes.

Beaches and Treatment in Odessa, Ukraine