Belgium General Information

By | February 4, 2022

Belgium is a small and cozy kingdom, which is rightfully proud of its rich history and culture. This country wins the hearts of many tourists with its majestic Flemish architecture, beautiful works of art by famous artists, delicious and hearty national cuisine familiar to European residents. Here you can forget about the hustle and bustle and just enjoy life with the calm Belgian people. According to, Brussels is the capital of Belgium.

First of all, it is worth visiting, of course, the capital and cultural center of Belgium – Brussels. The city’s main square, Grand Place, is one of the largest and most beautiful squares in the world. Even Victor Hugo himself admired her beauty. Two of the most important sights of the city are located on the square – the Brussels City Hall and the King’s House. Every even-numbered year, a huge flower canvas is erected on the Grand Place, and a huge number of tourists come to see it. Not far from the square is a kind of monument – the famous pissing boy. Walking around the city, you can also find a pissing girl and a pissing dog. In general, Brussels is distinguished by the presence of a large number of very unusual and amazing sculptures that are worth seeing.

The ancient Flemish cities – Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp are also of interest to tourists. In general, all the cities of Belgium are filled with a special atmosphere of balance and tranquility. Moreover, each of them has significant monuments of architecture and art. So, for example, in Bruges you will have the opportunity to visit the Salvador Dali Museum, which will perfectly complement any trip.

And, of course, another nice detail is the local culinary traditions. You can taste fragrant Belgian waffles, which will undoubtedly become a separate highlight during your stay in the country. Also, as souvenirs, you can bring real Belgian chocolate to friends and acquaintances; if you have the opportunity to taste this sweetness yourself, then without a doubt you will take chocolate not only as gifts.

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