Brac, Croatia

According to, Brac is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia. There are many pine forests, vineyards and olive groves. They make amazing rosé wine and cook extraordinary fish and seafood dishes. There are two well-known resort towns on the island with a good hotel base – Supetar and Bol. The first one is popular due to its medieval buildings and convenient communication with the mainland.

How to get to Brac

The island of Brac can be reached by ferry from Split. The ferry runs several times a day, is equipped with an open deck for sunbathing and indoor areas with a salon and a bar, at the bottom there is a compartment for transporting vehicles. Travel time is one hour, one way fare is about 20 HRK. The ferry arrives in the city of Supetar on the northern coast.

In the season there is a boat from Makarska to Bol.

Interesting Facts

There are more than a thousand islands off the coast of Croatia. Small and large, inhabited and uninhabited. Brač is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful and attractive among them. The island is the third largest, its area is just over 400 square meters. km. The climate on the island is mild Mediterranean. There is almost no heat here, because the island is constantly blown by fresh sea wind. The sea here has an azure color and suggests that a good ecological environment is a wonderful thing. The rocks here do not look harsh, and the plants are fragrant with magical aromas.

The island of Brac is famous not only for its beautiful landscapes. The quarries in which unique properties and very beautiful – ivory – color stone are mined are known all over the world, because many famous buildings in this world are lined with this stone. For example, the White House in Washington, the Palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split.

The quarries near Pucisce, where the white “Brac stone” is mined, brought special fame to the island. Many famous buildings around the world are lined with it, including Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the White House in Washington.

A significant part of the population of the island is involved in the extraction and processing of Brač stone and the manufacture of souvenirs from it. I must say that many tourists are happy to buy these products, starting with tiny funny figures, ending with weighty interior items.

In addition to the processing of the famous stone, the inhabitants of the island live by fishing, olive oil production and tourism. The length of the coastline of the island is almost 175 km, along the coast there are tiny towns in a continuous chain, each of which has its own face and its own hotels of the most different level, style and cost.

The beaches of Brac

Brac has small pebble and sandy beaches that stretch along the entire coast for tens of kilometers. One of the best local beaches, located in the south of the island near Bol, is called “Zlatni Rat” (“Golden Cape”). This cape of pebbles constantly changes its shape under the influence of wind and waves: it protrudes 300 meters into the sea and is buried in a pine grove. Half of the cape is seriously and for a long time occupied by naturists. Here is an ideal place for windsurfing and tennis, 20 clay courts are always at the service of fans of this game.

Hotels and apartments in Brac

It should be added that, since 2000, considerable funds have been invested in the country’s tourism industry, according to the decision of the country, so almost all hotels are systematically renovated or reconstructed. There is an opportunity on the island to live in a private villa or apartment, which can be booked either from the owners or from intermediaries, which are quite widely represented on the Internet. Many hotels and villas are located at the very edge of the water, on the beaches. And the beaches here are mostly pebble-sand, they have a convenient gentle slope to the water, which is important for children.

Entertainment and attractions of Brac

The largest city on the island is Supetar, with a population of about 4,000 people. Archaeological excavations in the vicinity of the city speak of its long and rich history. It will be interesting for tourists to walk along the streets of the city, which have retained their flavor, to see churches and houses built mainly in the Romanesque style. From the port of this city it is convenient to get to Split and Dubrovnik. The trip will be equally interesting with a guided tour and on your own. A picturesque pedestrian road connects Supertar with the small resort village of Sutivan, where there is a marina for yachts, including those for rent.

The sea here has an azure color and suggests that a good ecological environment is a wonderful thing. The rocks here do not look harsh, and the plants are fragrant with magical aromas.

On the southern coast of the island lies Bol, one of the oldest and most popular resorts in Croatia. The resort life here is noisy and does not stop for a minute. Many restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, discos are ready to entertain tourists around the clock. It is here that the famous small-pebble beach “Golden Cape” is located – a unique natural object. This is a pronounced cape of pebbles, the configuration of which changes depending on the direction of the wind, the strength of the waves and other natural phenomena. The cape protrudes 300 meters into the sea; a pine grove is its natural decoration.

Near Supetar there is an interesting museum village Shkrip with old houses, from there it is also convenient to go to architectural monuments – Glagolitic stones “Blac Desert” and to Drohoniva, a cave with stone bas-reliefs.

The quarries near Pucisce brought special fame to the island, where they extract the white “Brac stone” – snow-white limestone. Many famous buildings around the world are faced with Brac stone, including Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the White House in Washington.


Sports are represented on the island very widely. Here you can not only practice almost any water sport, but also rent equipment or contact a qualified instructor. Of the “land” sports, football and tennis are cultivated here. For children, many beaches have playgrounds and mini-amusement parks.

Brac, Croatia