West Virginia: Mountain State

Mountain State

West Virginia is one of the states of the United States of America. The nickname for the state is “Mountain State”. The capital is Charleston. You can easily combine a holiday in West Virginia with the surrounding cities. Geography According to fun-wiki, the state of West Virginia covers 62,809 km2, of which 62,436 km2 is land. To the east and north, the state has an elongated protrusion called a panhandle.…

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State Route 526 and 599 in Washington

West Seattle Bridge

Washington State Route 526 SR-526 Get started mukilteo End Everett Length 4 mi Length 7 km Route Airport Road Seaway Boulevard Evergreen Way → Seattle / Everett According to transporthint, State Route 526 or SR-526 is a short state route and freeway in the U.S. state of Washington. The road provides a short link between Boeing’s Mukilteo factories and Interstate 5 just south of Everett. State Route 526 is 7…

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State Route 500, 509 and 512 in Washington

Washington State Route 512

  Washington State Route 500 SR-500 Get started Vancouver End camas Length 22 mi Length 36 km Route → Portland / Seattle 15th Avenue St. Johns Boulevard Falk Road 54th Avenue Andresen Road Thurston Way 4th Plain Road → Portland Bypass Gher Road 4th Plain Road Orchards camas According to foodezine, State Route 500 is a state route and partial freeway in the U.S. state of Washington. The road connects…

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US 51 in Wisconsin

US 51 in Wisconsin

  US 51 Begin reward End Hurley Length 316 mi Length 509 km Route Illinois Reward Janesville Edgerton Stoughton Madison DeForest Portage Portage – Merrill: Tomahawk Woodruff Hurley According to bestitude, US 51 is a US Highway in the US state of Wisconsin. The road forms a north-south route through the center of the state, from the Illinois border at Beloit through Madison and Wausau to Hurley. US 51 is…

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US 2 and 45 in Wisconsin

US 45 in Wisconsin

US 2 in Wisconsin US 2 Get started Superior End Spread Eagle Length 119 mi Length 191 km Route Minnesota Superior Ashland Hurley Michigan Michigan Florence Michigan According to ablogtophone, US 2 is a US Highway in the US state of Wisconsin. The road forms an east-west route through the north of the state, from the Minnesota border at Superior to the Michigan border at Hurley. US 2 is 191…

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Interstate 35W in Texas

Interstate 35W in Texas

  I-35W Get started Hillsboro End Denton Length 85 mi Length 137 km Route 370 → Austin3FM 2959 7 Itasca 8FM 66 12FM 67 15 Grandview 16 Grandview 17FM 2258 21 frontage road 24 Alvarado 26 Alvarado 27 frontage road 30FM 917 32 frontage road 36 Hidden Creek Parkway 37 Wilshire Boulevard 38 Alsbury Boulevard 39 Rendon Crowley Road 40 frontage road 41 Everman Parkway 42 Sycamore School Road 43…

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The Weather in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Here you will find the weather forecast for Dallas. View the current weather in Dallas and the forecast for the coming days, such as temperatures, the chance of precipitation, the wind direction and the wind strength. With this weather data you can see what kind of weather you can expect in Dallas. Based on the climate statistics, we describe the weather per month in Dallas. This is not a long-term…

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Security in Mexico


According to foodezine.com, Mexico is definitely not one of the safest travel destinations , but don’t let that put you off. Because in many travel guides and reports about Mexico, something is usually exaggerated. Still, you should be careful all the time . Robberies, street threats and violent crime are much more common in Mexico than in Europe. You should be particularly careful in big cities and in non-touristy places.…

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What to See in Hawaii, USA

Hawaii, USA

Ohu island. . According to SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES, the capital of the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu, is located on this island. Exploring the island should begin with a sightseeing tour of the city. You will see the Iolani Palace – the only royal palace in the USA, a monument to King Kamehameha and Queen Liliokalani, the Senate, the Governor’s residence, Kitay-gorod. It is impossible not to visit the legendary Pearl Harbor memorial complex.…

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Major Cities in Mexico

Guadalajara (Mexico)

Mexico City (Mexico) According to SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES, Mexico City was founded in 1325 and immediately became the capital. Today it is the largest metropolitan area in the world in terms of population. Mexico City is a colorful city with many historical relics, monuments, museums, and modern buildings. It should be noted that it is located at an altitude of 2379 m above sea level. In the center of the city is…

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What to See in Ottawa (Canada)

Ottawa (Canada)

According to SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES, Ottawa is the capital of Canada. The city is located on the banks of the river of the same name in the southeastern part of the province of Ontario. Ottawa became the capital of Canada by order of Queen Victoria in 1857. In the city’s historic center, on a peninsula formed by the confluence of the Ottawa River and the Rideau Canal, is the city’s main landmark,…

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Wyoming – Cowboy State

State Capitol of the US State of Wyoming in Cheyenne

Great Plains and Rocky Mountains Wyoming, in the Northwest of the United States, is a predominantly agricultural country. Wyoming has a very beautiful, sometimes almost unreal nature. The Cowboy State is assigned to the western states and has countless travel destinations for tourists and nature lovers. Really big cities are not to be found in Wyoming. The capital of Wyoming is Cheyenne. In the country, in the American Northwest in…

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Wisconsin – America’s Dairyland

Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison

Farming on the Great Lakes Wisconsin is an agricultural state in the north-east of the USA, in the Great Lakes area and is attributed to the Midwest. The capital of the country is Madison. Wisconsin has beautiful landscapes with plentiful lakes, forests and rolling plains and is referred to as America’s Dairyland. Medicinelearners: Offers a full list of top medical schools and their profiles in Wisconsin. Wisconsin State Capitol in…

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West Virginia – Mountain State

West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston

More than just Battlefields West Virginia is located in the east of the USA and is part of the southern states. West Virginia is predominantly shaped by the mountain ranges of the North American Appalachian Mountains. Therefore, the state of the USA is also referred to as ” The Mountain State “. Charleston is the capital of West Virginia with a population of approximately 48,000 in 2019. Before the US…

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Washington State in Northwest United States

Washington State Capitol in the capital Olympia

Evergreen State in the west Washington State is located in the far Northwest of the United States, bordering Canada and on the Pacific coast. The state of Washington is assigned to the western states of the USA. The capital of Washington State is Olympia. Washington is also known as the ” Evergreen State,” a fitting name. Medicinelearners: Offers a full list of top medical schools and their profiles in Washington.…

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Washington DC – District of Columbia

US Capitol in Washington DC

Center of world power Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America. Approximately 550,000 people live in Washington DC. Aside from the government district, the pleasant city of Washington has plenty of cultural and historical attractions to offer. Medicinelearners: Offers a full list of top medical schools and their profiles in Washington DC. US Capitol in Washington DC (Seat of Congress)   Americans are proud of their…

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Virginia – The Old Dominion

Virginia State Capitol in the capital, Richmond

Beautiful nature and eventful history The American state of Virginia was named after the English Queen Elizabeth I. Virginia is one of the 13 founding states of the USA. The first permanent English settlement of the “New World” was established in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia. The capital of Virginia is Richmond. Other major cities in the country are Norfolk, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. Virginia is nicknamed – The Old Dominion…

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Vermont – Green Mountain State

Green Vermont

“Green hill” with lakes and forests The state of Vermont is located in the north-east of the USA, without access to the Atlantic and is counted among the New England states. In Vermont there is a large lake called ” Lake Champlain “. The lake was named after the first “white man” in the region, a Frenchman named Samuel de Champlain. The name Vermont derives from the French term for…

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Tennessee – Volunteer State

The somewhat plain Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville

Natural treasures and music Eldorado The US state of Tennessee is located in the middle of the eastern United States, east of the Mississippi and is nicknamed The Volunteer State. The capital of Tennessee is Nashville. Nashville is also the state’s largest city, with a population of approximately 571,000 as of 2019. Memphis follows at a distance. All of Tennessee was home to 6.91 million people in 2020. Tennessee is…

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State of New York – Empire State

Welcome to the Empire State of New York

Green country with mega metropolis The region of today’s New York State was initially a settlement area for the Dutch. In 1624, the Dutch founded Fort Orange in what is now Albany. They also founded the New Amsterdam settlement on what is now Manhattan Island. Medicinelearners: Offers a full list of top medical schools and their profiles in New York. Welcome to the Empire State of New York   The…

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South Dakota – Coyote State

Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse

Sparsely populated country with abundant mineral resources South Dakota ‘s name comes from Sioux – Native Americans who lived in this region of the United States before the arrival of white people. North Dakota and South Dakota joined the United States at the same time in 1889. Pierre is the capital of the US state, but with around 14,000 inhabitants in 2020 it can be described as a small town.…

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South Carolina – Palm State on the Atlantic

South Carolina State Capitol

Palm State on the Atlantic The US state of South Carolina is located on the middle east coast of the USA on the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the southern states. South Carolina is also known as the “Palm State”. The Appalachian mountain ranges run through western South Carolina from south to north. About 5.1 million people lived in South Carolina in 2020. Almost a third of the population…

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Rhode Island in New England

Rhode Island Capitol in Providence

Small country with great nature Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States of America and is assigned to the New England states. Rhode Island is located on the north east coast of the United States on the Atlantic Ocean. The state of Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams, who established the settlement of Providence with his religious community. Medicinelearners: Offers a full list of top medical…

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Oregon, the Beaver State

Oregon State Capitol with the Gold Lumberjack Oregon Pioneer in Salem

Forested, mountainous country on the northwest coast The US state of Oregon is located in the Northwest of the USA on the Pacific Ocean and is one of the western states of the country. The state of Oregon is nicknamed “Beaver State”. In earlier times, the lumber industry was the strongest industry in Oregon. Today, Oregon is home to numerous technology companies that determine economic life. The capital of Oregon…

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Oklahoma – The Sooner State

Oklahoma State Capitol on Lincoln Boulevard

Native country The US state of Oklahoma – OK – is located almost in the middle, a little south, in the United States of America and is one of the Southwest states of the USA. Oklahoma is described as a country strongly influenced by the peoples of the “Native Americans”. The Oklahoma State Government is located in the Oklahoma City State Capitol. The state is nicknamed – The Sooner State…

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North Dakota – Sioux State

Unadorned State Capitol of North Dakota in Bismarck

Agriculture and natural landscapes rich in wildlife The state of North Dakota is located in the north of the USA, on the border with Canada and is part of the Midwest, the wheat belt of the United States. The name Dakota comes from the Native American people who lived in the region before the arrival of the whites (Sioux-Dakota). Medicinelearners: Offers a full list of top medical schools and their…

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North Carolina – from the Beach to the Appalachians

North Carolina State Capitol in Raleigh

From the sea to the Blue Ridge Mountains The US state of North Carolina is located on the east coast, on the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States. In western North Carolina is the Appalachian Mountains National Park. Central North Carolina is formed by the Piedmont Plateau, which merges into the coastal area to the east. Medicinelearners: Offers a full list of top medical schools and their profiles in North…

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