Choudrant, Louisiana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

By | May 24, 2023

According to THEMBAPROGRAMS, The small town of Choudrant, Louisiana is located in the northern part of the state, just a few miles away from the Arkansas and Mississippi borders. The town is situated in Lincoln Parish and is bordered by the cities of Ruston to the east, Grambling to the south, and Simsboro to the west. Choudrant is a peaceful place with a population of just over 1,200 people.

Choudrant offers its residents an array of attractions and activities that are sure to please. To begin with, there are numerous parks located in and around Choudrant including Lake D’Arbonne State Park which features an expansive lake as well as hiking trails and picnic areas. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hunting, boating, bird watching, or simply taking a stroll around town admiring its historic buildings and homes.

The city also has several dining options for visitors to choose from including local restaurants serving up Cajun cuisine as well as fast-food chains. There are also several bars located in town where patrons can enjoy drinks while listening to live music or catching up with friends.

Choudrant also offers visitors plenty of shopping opportunities ranging from convenience stores to specialty shops offering antiques or handmade items. Additionally, there are several farmers markets throughout town where locals sell fresh produce on weekends during spring and summer months.

For those looking for something more educational during their stay in Choudrant can visit one of its many museums such as The Lincoln Parish Museum which showcases artifacts from the parish’s past or The National Guard Museum which houses military memorabilia from World War I through present day conflicts.

In addition to these attractions there are several annual events that take place in Choudrant such as The Annual Catfish Festival that celebrates all things catfish related or The Annual Bluegrass Music Festival which features local musicians playing traditional bluegrass tunes on Saturday nights throughout summer months.

Overall, Choudrant is an ideal destination for those looking for a peaceful getaway full of historical attractions and outdoor activities that cater to everyone’s interests.

Choudrant, Louisiana

Population of Choudrant, Louisiana

Choudrant, Louisiana is a small rural town located in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana. According to the 2010 census, the population of Choudrant is 1,921 people. The majority of the population are White (85.7%), followed by African American (10.2%), Native American (0.5%) and Asian (1%). The median age for residents in Choudrant is 37.2 years old and the median household income is $41,765. The estimated per capita income for Choudrant is $20,929 and about 16% of families and 20% of individuals are below the poverty line.

The town of Choudrant has one elementary school with grades kindergarten through fifth grade and a high school with grades sixth through twelfth grade. Both schools are part of Lincoln Parish School District but the high school also serves students from nearby towns such as Ruston and Grambling. The schools offer a variety of programs including music, art, athletics, and academic clubs for students to participate in during their time in school.

The community of Choudrant enjoys many recreational activities such as fishing at Lake Claiborne State Park or visiting local attractions like Bayou Pierre Alligator Park or Ruston’s Railroad Museum & Garden Center. There are also several churches in Choudrant that offer worship services each week to its members as well as community events throughout the year such as festivals and parades that bring residents together to celebrate their heritage and culture.

Schools and Education of Choudrant, Louisiana

According to TOPMBADIRECTORY, the schools of Choudrant, Louisiana are part of the Lincoln Parish School District and offer a quality education to the students of the town. The elementary school serves grades Kindergarten through fifth grade and the high school serves grades six through twelve. Both schools provide a variety of educational programs and activities that are designed to meet the needs of all students. The curriculum includes core classes such as Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Physical Education as well as electives in Fine Arts, Technology Education, Health Education, and Foreign Language.

The schools also offer extracurricular activities such as athletics (football, basketball, track & field), band/choir/orchestra programs, theater productions/drama clubs, student government associations (SGA), academic clubs (Math Club and Science Club), art clubs (drawing/painting/sculpture club) and robotics teams for students to participate in during their time in school. Additionally, there are several after-school programs available such as tutoring services for those struggling with their studies or enrichment activities like chess club or debate team for those looking to excel beyond their peers.

The teachers in Choudrant are highly qualified professionals who strive to provide an engaging learning environment that encourages students to reach their full potential. They use innovative teaching methods along with traditional approaches such as lectures or group work to ensure that each student is given a chance to succeed academically. There is also an emphasis on instilling strong values into every student so that they can grow up into responsible citizens with respect for themselves and others around them.

Landmarks in Choudrant, Louisiana

Choudrant, Louisiana is a small town located in Lincoln Parish that has many landmarks that make it unique and worth visiting. One of the most well-known landmarks is the Choudrant Depot, which was built in 1914 and is still in use today. It serves as a reminder of the town’s past as a center for railroad activity. Another popular attraction is the historic Choudrant Town Hall, which was built in 1883 and houses city government offices.

The town also has several parks, including North Park, which features a variety of outdoor activities such as tennis courts and walking trails. There is also South Park, which offers picnic areas and playgrounds for children to enjoy. Nearby Lake D’Arbonne State Park has over 15 miles of shoreline with plenty of fishing and boating opportunities.

Choudrant also has several churches that are worth visiting for their architecture and history. St. Peter’s Catholic Church was built in 1879 and features beautiful stained glass windows as well as an old bell tower that can be seen from miles away. The First United Methodist Church was established in 1884 and features an impressive steeple that can be seen from many parts of town.

Other landmarks include the Choudrant Museum, which showcases artifacts from the area’s past; the Choudrant Library, which houses a large collection of books on local history; the Farmer’s Market, where visitors can purchase fresh produce; and The Garden Gate Tea Room & Gift Shop, where visitors can enjoy delicious food while shopping for unique souvenirs from their visit to Choudrant.