Cowboy Bags And Backpacks: The Perfect Complement To An Urban And Chic Look

Do you remember when you said that you were never going to carry bags or backpacks? Well, you better take your words away, because the bags and the backpacks of denim have come back, and they have done so through the big door.

So it seems that that goodbye is going to be just a little bit later, and that denim bags and backpacks are going to play a starring role during this winter , proving to be the perfect complement to an urban and chic look.

The denim trend and the denim fabric are back so much that we bet that in the next two months you could not resist the temptation to incorporate a purse or a denim backpack into your wardrobe bottom. A fashion that is resistant to disappearing and reinventing itself in the form of backpacks and purses, what do you think?

And let’s be sensible, how would disappear a trend that fits so well with all styles and is a safe bet to make your outfits more urban and unconcerned? That must have been a signature as prestigious asLois , who was one of the first to reintroduce backpacks and denim bags to their latest collections, and the truth is that the bet could not have been better.

Jeans Fabrics Rejuvenated And Adapted To The Current Fashion

Lois is a firm that has been characterized since it was born to commercialize cowboy clothes of all type, and it continues doing it. They are aware that the cowboy fabric never goes out of style and always remains an interesting option, but they also knew they needed to turn it around and surprise with new designs that would adapt to the new times.

Said and done, and is that you just have a look at Lois’s new denim bags and backpacks. New designs and fabrics that fit perfectly with the current fashion and that will bring an urban style, fresh and youthful to any woman who bets for them. Depending on how you combine them, you can equip your outfits with a sophisticated yet informal air. They are all a success.

An urban-luxe mix that has not been slow to reach the runways and collections of the most prestigious fashion firms, such as Fendi, Louis Vuitton or Dolce & Gabbana. A trend that is going to hit very strongly what is left of 2016 and the next 2017.


If we talk about denim and denim we have to talk about Lois. It is one of the signatures of reference and one of the strongest has struck with the resurgence of jeans, so from Sakelo we want to show you some of the different models that have surprised fashion lovers. Which one do you prefer?

Cowhide effect leather bag

Lois bets on playing with different materials to deceive not only our eyes but also the touch. The proof of this is this bag cowhide effect, made with eco-leather, but with a look and feel totally denim. Ideal for a casual and casual look, it will be a great companion for your day to day, as it will adapt perfectly to your style and allow you to surprise in the best way possible. We love you, and you?

Lois Cowboy Shoulder Bag

Lois has also designed cowboy shoulder bags that fit your tastes and your needs, as we can see in these two models. A shoulder strap of cowhide synthetic leather that presumes anelegant aspect while being casual, and that is ideal to enjoy the maximum comfort without giving up the style.

And if you prefer a slightly smaller shoulder bag with a modern and original design, this cowboy bag from Lois will love you. With denim fabric and a base of synthetic leather to reinforce, wears the logo at Lois outside, and comes with a matching key.

Cowboy Backpacks

And as it could not be less, in Lois also have bet heavily by the cowboy backpacks. Two models of backpacks that will adapt to your day to day and that will give a plus to your looks more informal and unconcerned .

The first option is ideal for students who need to carry all their books and notes. A denim backpack that has a renewed denim fabric and we assure you that you will never tire of wearing.

And if you prefer a Texan backpack that you can carry in your day to day, wherever you go , maybe you like this Texan backpack. With an informal design, it will be a great ally not only for its design, but also because it will offer you the comfort you need without giving up the style.

So you know, the denim bags and backpacks are back, so do not delay in catching up and making yourself a model that completes your closet bottom and allows you to go to the latest fashion.