Delaware – The First State

By | July 5, 2022

British flair in Delaware

Delaware is one of the Mid-Atlantic states on the east coast of the USA. The name Delaware comes from the Native Americans who originally lived there. Delaware is one of the thirteen founding states of the United States. Delaware was the first state to sign the new American constitution in 1788. Delaware is therefore also known as the ” First State ” of the USA. Today, Delaware is extremely heavily influenced by industrial settlements. The chemical industry is quite strong in Delaware.

State Capitol of Delaware in the capital, Dover


State Capitol of Delaware in the capital, Dover

Small state with small cities

The capital of Delaware is Dover with about 32,000 inhabitants. The largest city in Delaware is Wilmington with over 70,000 people. About 850,000 people live throughout Delaware. Other cities in the small state of Delaware include Newark, Seaford, Middletown, Elsmere, Milford, Smyrna, Georgetown and New Castle. After Rhode Island, Delaware is the second smallest state in the United States.

Delaware – ebenes Land am Atlantik

Most of Delaware’s landscape is fairly flat. Only in the north of the country is the landscape slightly hilly. The highest point, Ebright Azimuth, is 135 meters above sea level. There are numerous lakes in Delaware that are also good for fishing. The Delaware coasts are popular recreational areas. As a former founding colony of the British, Delaware has a lot to offer for citizens interested in culture. The area of ​​Delaware is 6,452 km². The extent of the state is about 154 kilometers north-south and about 48 kilometers east-west.

Derelict shed and barn in Delaware

Summer, sun, sand and sea from Delaware

In the state of Delaware itself, rolling hills alternate with picturesque river landscapes, lined with dense forests. On the rugged coast, Delaware has flat, wide sandy beaches that invite you to swim in summer. The climate in Delaware is quite mild in summer and winter. On average, summer temperatures in Delaware are 24°C and winters do not get colder than -5°C. Snow rarely falls in Delaware. Culturally interesting sights of Delaware are the two Christ Episcopal Churches. One is in Milfort, the second in the capital, Dover. In Dover and Wilmington you should visit the museums. Brandywine Creek State Park and the Ashland Nature Center are popular destinations for nature lovers.

Delaware namesake

The state of Delaware, the Delaware River and the “Native Americans” who used to live in Delaware were named after the Englishman Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, a governor of the fledgling American states. He died in 1618. The first permanent settlement in North America was Fort Christiana, built in 1638 on what is now Delaware. Apart from the cultural highlights of the state of Delaware, the small US state has beautiful natural landscapes.

Agriculture and industry

Delaware is predominantly agricultural. The main economic sectors of agriculture are poultry farming, soya, corn, milk products and tree nursery products. Industry in the state primarily produces chemical products, products from the food and paper industries, and rubber and plastic products.

Small but sought after

Delaware may be small, but it is one of the economically strongest states in the USA. Corporate taxes are very low in the coastal state of Delaware. That is why countless companies, including very large ones, have registered there. There are said to be over 600,000 “letterbox companies” in Delaware. Delaware is an American tax haven. Heading west out of Delaware, the country gradually rises to the Piedmont Plateau and eventually into the Appalachian Mountains.

Nascar racing at Dover International Speedway

Delaware – built close to the water

Southern Delaware is rich in marshland. The largest river in the country is the Delaware River, which is 595 kilometers long. The source of the river is in the Catskill Mountains, a foothill of the Appalachian Mountains. After crossing Delaware Bay, the river eventually empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Also in the Delaware Bay area, the Maurice River, Christina River, Murderkill River, Salem River and St. Jones River flow into the Atlantic. Delaware Bay itself ends at Cape May in the north and Cape Henlopen in the south. Delaware Bay is a popular breeding ground for waterfowl of all kinds. Delaware residents use the bay’s clean waters for oyster farming.

Attractions in Delaware

  • Dover International Speedway
  • Cape Henlopen State Park
  • Delaware State Capitol
  • Brandywine Creek
  • Winterthur Museum
  • Delmarva Peninsula
  • Rehoboth Beach
  • Nemours Mansion and Gardens
  • Hagley Museum
  • Opera House
  • Lightship Overfalls
  • Lewes Beach
  • Johnson Victrola Museum
  • White Clay Creek
  • Glasgow Park
  • Dewey Beach
  • Fenwick Island
  • Fenwick Island – Coastal Kayak
  • New Castle Court House
  • Battery Park
  • Old Dutch House
  • Bethany Beach
  • Indian River Inlet Bridge
  • Bear Trap Dunes
  • Milton Memorial Park
  • Lums Pond
  • Museum of National History
  • Nanticoke Indian Museum

DE = Delaware

Largest cities in Delaware

  • Wilmington
  • Dover
  • Newark
  • Bear
  • Middletown
  • Brookside
  • Glasgow

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Delaware map

The relatively small US state of Delaware is located on the north east coast of the United States of America and is assigned to the Mid-Atlantic States of the USA. The area of ​​Delaware is 6,447 km². About 0.95 million people currently live in the US state. The capital of Delaware is Dover. The map shows location on the Delaware Bay, on the Atlantic, the largest cities in the country, as well as the rivers and lakes.