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By | January 30, 2023

Denmark is a Northern European country. Located between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, Denmark is formed by the Jutland peninsula and around 400 islands, Fyn and Sjaelland being the largest and covering an area of ​​43,094 km 2 . Greenland and the Faroe Islands, which also belong to Denmark, have administrative autonomy. The only country with which Denmark has land borders is Germany, to the south. The coast stretches along the North Sea to the west, the Skagerrak Strait to the north, the Kattegat Strait to the east and the Baltic Sea to the southeast. The most important cities are Copenhagen, the capital, with 1 100 700 residents (2004) in its metropolitan area, Arhus (221 800 inhab.), Odense (144 400 inhab.), Alborg (120 900 inhab.) And Esbjerg (72 500 inhab.).


The climate is generally temperate and humid, moderated by maritime influences. Winters are not very harsh, despite the latitude, and summers are cool.

Denmark enjoys an extremely high standard of living, which is found only in a few countries in the world. It has a developed economy that is based on industry and services. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is similar to that of other western industrialized countries. About 2/3 of the soil is arable and heavily fertilized. The dominant crops are barley, maize, wheat, beet and potato. In terms of energy resources, it shares the North Sea oil and natural gas reserves with the United Kingdom and Norway. Although the quantities destined for Denmark are relatively low, they are sufficient for national needs. The industry is well developed and very diverse. Production covers machinery, electronic equipment, food products, metal products and chemicals. Exports cover machinery, electronic equipment and ships. Imports consist of machinery, transport equipment and food products. Denmark’s largest trading partners are Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and France.
Environmental indicator: the value of carbon dioxide emissions, per capita, (metric tons, 1999) is 9.3.

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Danish bank offers its annual reports for download in English. Acrobat reader required.


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