Documents for Applying for a Visa to Slovakia

By | February 19, 2022


Slovakia is a country located in Eastern Europe. According to, Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia.

Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Minsk

Address: Minsk, st. Volodarsky, 6

  1. Photo(actual color photo on a light background, not older than 6 months, size 3.5*4.5 cm.);
  2. Passport / international passport for citizens of the Russian Federation, valid for 3 months from the date of the intended departure from the territory of the Schengen Agreement member states. Must have been issued within the last 10 years. The passport must have at least 2 free pages with the inscription “Visa”.
  3. Copy of passport:
  • photocopies of pages containing personal information;
  • for citizens of the Russian Federation also a copy of the residence permit and the original.
  1. International health insurance, valid on the territory of the Schengen member states, for the entire planned period of stay. The minimum amount of insurance coverage is 30,000 euros.
  2. Proof of employment/economic solvency:

5.1. For employees: a certificate on the letterhead of the employer, which indicates the date of employment, qualifications, wages (a breakdown of wages for the last 3 months is given); the minimum wage per month is 450-500 bel. rub. With wages below 500-550 bel. rub. it is necessary to provide an extract from the bank account on the availability of funds (in any currency, equivalent to 56 euros per day of stay) or documents of the sponsoring person (sponsor letter in any form, a copy of the sponsor’s passport, a copy of documents confirming kinship, as well as a certificate from the place of work ).

5.2. For individual entrepreneurs: certificate of state registration and recent tax payments, as well as a certificate that there are no debts for the last 3 months and a bank statement.

  1. Non-working:

6.1. Students:

  • a certificate from the dean’s office confirming the current place of study (in case of requesting a visa during the study period, permission from the dean’s office for absence from classes is required);
  • copy of student card;
  • copies of the record book, agreement with the university and hostel for foreign students;
  • confirmation of the availability of sufficient funds (bank statement / certificate of employment or sponsor’s documents: sponsorship letter written in any form; copy of the sponsor’s passport; documents confirming kinship; certificate of employment / statement from the bank account of the sponsor).

6.2. Students:

  • certificate from the place of study (in case of requesting a visa during the study period, permission to be absent from classes is required);
  • sponsor’s documents: free-form sponsorship letter; a copy of the sponsor’s passport; documents confirming relationship; certificate of employment/extract from the bank account of the sponsor).

6.3. Pensioners:

  • a copy of the pension certificate;
  • certificate of received pension (decryption of payment for the last 3 months);
  • it is also possible to provide an extract from a bank account instead of a certificate of the amount of the received pension.

6.4. Other non-working citizens:

  • photocopies of work book pages containing personal data and indicating places of work for the last 3 years, or a copy of a diploma (if the applicant graduated from an educational institution no more than 6 months ago);
  • Sponsor’s bank account statement or documents (free-form sponsorship letter; copy of sponsor’s passport; proof of kinship; certificate of employment/statement from the sponsor’s bank account).
  1. For minors:
  • birth certificate (copy and original);
  • Parental or legal guardian consent with an officially certified signature is only required if minors are not traveling with parents/guardians. The exception is a parent who has exclusive parental rights (i.e. if the other parent has died or been deprived of parental rights) – in which case a death certificate or court order is presented.
  • if there is only one parent, it is necessary to provide a supporting document confirming the absence of the second parent (court decision, death certificate or other document). If the child has only one guardian, then the relevant document (court decision on the exclusive right of custody, death certificate or other document) must be submitted (copy and original);
  • A copy of a valid Schengen visa issued to the parent and accompanying minor, if the visa was issued separately;

Children under 12 are exempt from fingerprinting. The presence of one of the parents when applying for a child is required!

  1. Spousesprovide a copy of the marriage certificate.

Consular fee – 35 euros, citizens of the Russian Federation – 35 euros. For children from 6 to 12 years old – free of charge.

A visa is issued within 10 working days, but the embassy reserves the right to extend the time for consideration of documents.

It is important to remember that the listed list includes the minimum list of documents that must be provided when applying for a visa. The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documentation at its discretion.

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