Drawing Sleeping Bags And Pajamas Babyboum Blanket

When Jorge was a baby, I bought a Babyboum blanket Pajamas. It was like a sleeping bag but more ergonomic with legs so he could walk with it since and sleep as with a single skin.

Drawing Sleeping Bags And Pajamas Babyboum Blanket

I remember when we went to La Cerdanya and always had it in my suitcase.In places where cold night heating isn’t enough and children uncover it. The result of this product was excellent and I have always spoken of it both Babyboum and baby-ment which is the distributor in Spain of this product. I met Kay Van Ackere responsible for baby-llo, ago as five years or more in an international childcare fair. It distributes Babyboum and other brands officially as Babylonia. Now that in two days get cold have decided that it is time that you may prove the wonderful advantages of Pajamas Babyboum blanket is why giving away one. If you are still reading will explain how to win it.

Baby-llo distributions was born from the need to find different baby items. Original, practical, with vivid colors, but more than anything, good quality. In its portfolio of products have two Belgian marks very good as I told you: Babyboum and Babylon. The latter you will recognize by their carrier. They have 16 years on the market. They have many other precious collections of children’s products in addition to the carrier. From Babyboum I have already spoken in Blogmodabebe. I recommend you see all your items in your Pinterest, photos (accompanying article) are as precious as their products.

And now your prize  it’s a sack of Snoopy collection in bright blue beautiful of Babyboum courtesy of baby-llo distributions. Blue navy to be more exact the size 6-24 months (tallan very large, I would swear that Jorge used it to 36 months). It has a white Snoopy chest as you can see in the photo. This SAC is transformed in blanket Pajamas with their zippers on legs.

I don’t know if you know the Tog Ratings. This classification gives information about the suitability of the products bedding for babies with respect to the temperature in any room and time of year. The warmer and more high is 4. This SAC is Tog 2.3 and fleece.Sailor has neck style as you can see in the photo. Remember that a bag so this brand costs 74 euro. What you must do to make it for your baby?

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As always, you must follow all the steps. The winner will go through a number at random but we will verify that you have followed in 1, 2 and 3. The prize can not refunded for money. Shipments can only be made Peninsula and Balearic Islands. This contest will run until October 5, we will contact the winner here and on Facebook. The winner will receive a confirmation email. If you did not answer in within a month, we will give the draw by desert. Good luck and thank you for participating!

CLOSED Giveaway: The sack of BabyBoum in the collection of Snoopy in navy blue, has won it courtesy of distributions baby-Llo Angela Iglesias de Zaragoza! Dear Angela, congratulations. You will receive an email to confirm your prize. Thanks to all