Eton Express – Skjortleverans Within One Hour

Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch, a leaky pen in his breast pocket. An accident is easily reached and it is not safe to make it home or to the store to get a new shirt at short notice. Therefore presents Eton, in collaboration with the innovative delivery network Urb-it, Eton Express. You get a new Eton Shirt, perfectly ironed, and personally delivered within an hour.

The concept is the least interesting and caters primarily to business guy between meetings need a quick solution to the problem. The service is initially available in tariffs in Stockholm but you as a customer do not have an address there. The shirt can be delivered to a hotel, office or restaurant even for customers visiting for the day, making the service attractive to more than just Stockholmers.

The order is made on where the customer has the option to choose the delivery method “Express”. The shirt will be picked up by any of the hundreds of “urbers” (bid in Urb-its networks) are closest to Eton shop at Sturegatan 8 in Stockholm. A personal message sent by the offer to the customer, delivery begins and final order delivered within an hour – or whenever the customer desire to get it. The delivery is made on foot, by bicycle or by public transport, without any environmental impact.

“Many of our customers live a busy life with demands for flexible and spontaneous delivery solutions. We are proud that together with the Urb-IT have created a service where you can conveniently shop online and get your shirt just as quickly as when shopping in stores” – Sara Ölme Brook, Eton’s PR Director.

Since the shirts stocked in Eton Own Store is a limited range of models to choose from. Eton Express is not primarily a shopping alternative to the standard web shop that delivers 1-3 days but rather an effective stopgap measure. The range chosen to focus on is the classic pink, white, light blue and light blue striped shirts from Red Ribbon Collection slim fit, Contemporary and Super Slim.

And best of all. The cost of delivery is only 129 SEK per order but Eton offer the delivery cost until midsummer. When the shirts are picked up for delivery in Eton store in Stockholm, the service is available on weekdays between 10-17, and Saturdays 11-15.