Falkland Islands Healthcare and Money

By | May 9, 2022

Health care


Vaccination needed receipt required
Eat Drink 2
malaria no
Typhoid & Polio 1
cholera no
yellow fever no


Travel health insurance, reliable travel repatriation insurance and air rescue insurance are strongly recommended. An individual first-aid kit should be taken with you and protected according to the temperatures on the way. Check directoryaah for more information.

Notes vaccinations

[1] Typhoid occurs, poliomyelitis does not. Typhoid vaccination is recommended for backpacking and long-term stays. [2] Due to the risk of possible infections, careful drinking water and food hygiene must be ensured. Water should generally either be boiled or otherwise sterilized before it is used for drinking, brushing teeth and making ice cubes, or it should be bought packaged. When buying packaged water, you should make sure that the original packaging has not been opened. Unpasteurized milk should be boiled. Only mix dry and canned milk with sterile water. Dairy products made from unboiled milk should not be consumed. Meat and fish dishes should only be well cooked and served hot. Eating raw salads and mayonnaise should be avoided. Vegetables should be boiled and fruits should be peeled. Warnings are given against eating and buying food from cheap street restaurants and markets.

Other risks

Vaccination against hepatitis A, against hepatitis B for long-term stays and for children and adolescents is recommended. rabies occurs. Carriers include dogs, cats, forest animals and bats. Vaccination is recommended for backpackers, children, occupational risk groups and for longer stays. In the event of a bite, seek medical attention as soon as possible.



1 Falkland Islands pound = 100 pence. Currency code: FI£, FKP (ISO code). British banknotes and coins are valid tender. Notes come in denominations of £50, £20, £10 and £5; Coins in denominations of FI£2 and £1, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1p.

Credit cards

Visa and Mastercard are generally accepted, American Express and Diners Club only partially. Details from the issuer of the relevant credit card.


ATMs are not available.

Travelers cheques

Travelers checks are not generally accepted in the Falkland Islands.

Bank opening hours

Mon-Fri 08.30-15.00.

Foreign exchange regulations

There are no restrictions on the import and export of national and foreign currency. Obligation to declare when entering from a non-EU country and when leaving for a non-EU country from an equivalent value of €10,000 (all means of payment).

Currency Exchange

In Stanley there are banks and exchange offices where the most common foreign currencies can be exchanged. Outside the Falkland Islands territory, Falkland Pounds are difficult to convert into other currencies.


Code Symbol Exchange rates (no guarantee)
GBP £ 1 EUR = £0.84
1 CHF = £1.00
1 USD = £0.81

Falkland Islands Money