Farmington, New Hampshire Population, Schools and Places of Interest

By | May 24, 2023

According to THEMBAPROGRAMS, Farmington, New Hampshire is located in the southeastern corner of the state, bordering the states of Maine and Massachusetts. The town itself is situated on the banks of Cocheco River, and is home to a population of just over 5,000 people.

The town of Farmington has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1771. During its early years, it served as an important agricultural center for the region. Today, it remains a rural community with a strong sense of community pride and tradition.

The town of Farmington borders several other towns in New Hampshire including Rochester to the north, Somersworth to the east, Milton to the south, and Effingham to the west. Rochester is home to a variety of restaurants and shops as well as an annual fair that draws visitors from all over New England. Somersworth also has some great shopping options with many local businesses offering unique items such as antiques and collectibles. Milton lies just south of Farmington and offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking trails and camping spots along its scenic riverside paths. Finally, Effingham lies on the western border and is known for its beautiful lakeside views which make it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts.

Farmington itself has plenty to offer visitors looking for things to do in this part of New Hampshire. The downtown area features several historic buildings including an old general store, two churches built in 1820s-era style architecture, and a post office built in 1879. Visitors can also explore nearby nature trails for hiking or biking or take part in events held at nearby farms such as apple picking season or maple syrup festivals during fall months.

For those looking for more modern attractions near Farmington there are many nearby towns offering entertainment options from museums and art galleries to music venues hosting live performances throughout most months out of year. There are also several larger cities within driving distance that provide plenty more shopping opportunities as well as access to larger airports should you wish to explore further afield during your stay here in New Hampshire’s countryside.

Farmington, New Hampshire

Population of Farmington, New Hampshire

The population of Farmington, New Hampshire is approximately 5,800 people. The majority of the population is white at 94.5%. There are a variety of other races represented in the town including Asian (2.3%), African American (1.4%), and Native American (0.4%). The median age is 40 years old and the median household income is $62,000 per year.

The town has a strong sense of community pride and tradition that dates back to its founding in 1771 as an agricultural center for the region. This small-town feel can be seen in the variety of local businesses that offer unique items such as antiques and collectibles as well as restaurants and shops throughout town. Education is also important to Farmington with two public schools located within its borders: Farmington Primary School for grades K-6 and Farmington High School for grades 7-12.

Farmington has a good mix of families, young professionals, retirees, and students living there due to its close proximity to larger towns such as Rochester and Somersworth which provide access to more modern amenities such as shopping centers, museums, art galleries, music venues, etc. Additionally, it’s only a short drive away from larger cities like Manchester or Concord which provides even more options for entertainment and activities both during the day or night time hours.

Overall, Farmington offers a nice balance between rural living with traditional values while still being close enough to larger cities that you can enjoy all the benefits they have to offer without having to leave home. It’s no wonder why so many people choose this quaint little town as their place to call home.

Schools and Education of Farmington, New Hampshire

According to TOPMBADIRECTORY, Farmington, New Hampshire is served by two public schools: Farmington Primary School (K-6) and Farmington High School (7-12). The schools have a long history of excellence in education and are committed to providing students with a well-rounded educational experience. Both schools are accredited through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

At Farmington Primary School, the curriculum emphasizes the core academic subjects such as math, science, English language arts, social studies, and foreign languages. Additionally, there are various electives available such as art, music, physical education, and technology. The school also offers an after school program that provides students with an opportunity to participate in activities such as sports teams or clubs.

At Farmington High School the academic program focuses on preparing students for college and career readiness through a variety of courses ranging from core classes to electives such as computer science and business management. The school also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities including sports teams, theater productions, music ensembles, robotics clubs and more.

In addition to its public schools Farmington also has several private schools located nearby including Applewood Academy (K-8), Heartwood Academy (K-8), and White Mountain Waldorf School (K-8). These private institutions provide students with an alternative form of learning which includes smaller class sizes and a focus on experiential learning activities.

Overall, Farmington is committed to providing quality education to its residents through both public and private institutions that offer unique learning experiences for all ages. Whether you’re looking for traditional classroom instruction or something more hands on there’s something for everyone in this small town.

Landmarks in Farmington, New Hampshire

Farmington, New Hampshire is full of interesting landmarks that are worth exploring. The town is home to the historic Wilkins-Hutchins House, which was built in 1799 and is one of the oldest buildings in the area. The house has been lovingly restored and now serves as a museum that visitors can explore.

The town also boasts an impressive collection of colonial-era buildings including the First Congregational Church, which was built in 1790. This church is known for its unique architecture and has been featured in several films.

The Farmington Railroad Museum is another popular attraction located right in the heart of town. This museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts from early railroad history, including locomotives, cars, and other relics from the 1800s. Visitors can also take a ride on a vintage steam train for a unique experience.

For those looking to explore nature there are plenty of opportunities in Farmington as well. The Old Pine Swamp Wildlife Refuge offers an array of wildlife watching opportunities with over 200 species of birds living in the area. There are also several hiking trails throughout the area that offer stunning views of nearby lakes and mountainsides.

Finally, Farmington is home to the iconic Mt. Croydon Ski Resort which boasts some of the best skiing conditions in New England. This resort has been welcoming skiers since 1958 and offers both downhill skiing and snowboarding activities for all levels of ability.

Overall, Farmington offers a plethora of interesting landmarks that are sure to delight visitors from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for historical sites or outdoor activities there’s something for everyone here.