Fashion Rio Summer 2012/2013 – Subject to

Sympathize much with Rony Meisler, as the creative director of Reservation is a subject sympathetic, friendly and attentive, which receives the people in your backstage in the best possible way, moreover if short of presenting each new collection of a unique way, that always generates anticipation. The problem begins when this mise-en-scene becomes more important than the creations, to the point of influencing its quality or even how the audience sees them, paying more attention on the part of the theater, when what really matter in this case is the “costume”.

Fashion Rio Summer 2012 2013 – Subject to

Like the idea of this collection of summer 2013 was to be based on profiles and not on trends, the Reservation gave the stereotypes, leaving aside the cohesion between the parts that seem to come from a book department store. There are all the characters that permeate the imaginary, but that in reality do not exist: the rocker, the stylized, the preppy of the pullover and the nerd of the shorts, bow tie and rimmed glasses thick, as if someone with this profile if wear is so in reality.

Even so, between a skid and the other, it is possible to see some interesting piece such as a blazer, jacket or cardigan within the combination of materials where for you to stand out jeans, linen, knitting, moletinho and cotton. They also called attention to the footwear, perhaps the most inspired of the styling Daniel Ueda, but does not go far beyond that and in the end gets the impression that the Reservation shot to all sides and not hit anything.