Handle, Advance Spring/Summer: New Clothes for Women Available in Stores

After the spring-summer 2011 parade of Mango they are now available to buy some the next spring season of the Spanish brand garments. It is not the madness of the fashion world, it is to go a step ahead. Think of autumn, with a cold winter, what are we going to look in the spring. Crazy.

If we forget that, is not bad to look at what will be the clothes of fashion in a few months. It is a good tactic to buy now and know what will not be outdated in two days, especially in the time of sales coming soon. Although Essentials is always go as we like, regardless of trends.

Handle wraps, spring-summer 2011

The arrival of good weather is linked to the arrival of warmer colors and a return to the timeless White that it never leaves our wardrobe. A color that returns to find your perfect partner when it comes to combining garments and also the light earth colors in black. This coat is wonderful.

For spring the better short garments like this Reefer double breasted in black clay on the surface, with a style as if had been cut by half a trench.

Mango dresses, spring-summer 2011

The main garment in almost all brands are the dresses, It is where you can measure the success to some that another trend out there hidden. Dresses of Mango for the next Spring-summer 2011 bring us one of my favorite colors: a cheerful orange coming heat.

The prints again another season in different versions. We have them in black, by way of fine and tiny stripes, with a fine leather belt at the waist to mark figure. To highlight how combine … would someone socks and sandals disliked?

Prints that gain in size and are more suitable for night.

Skirts offer a straight pencil silhouette, without many curves. On the other hand, I like, more curvilinear, seem to me more attractive.

Shirts and t-shirts in Mango, spring-summer 2011

The surprise of the advance of Mango spring-summer 2011 I have found it in the blouses o shirts with a transparency was not expecting to see a brand low-cost, since they dominate in a good number of garments. Black dots blouses. Caution: we must choose a good lingerie.

A model in black and more restrained also brings the transparencies. It is clear that there are other alternatives, like the classic white shirt, but up to another patterned blouse is also made with transparencies.

With regard to the t-shirts Print pop style Jordi Labanda is a new key for next season.

That and the recovery of pop fruits on t-shirts.

Already step see the sweaters they come in two colors, looking perhaps more at the current time as the spring. The cardigans either will be missing in the collection, most long, passing the waist.

New pants in Mango, spring-summer 2011

With the new season we have something that we hope Yes already: the new model of pants. Pants campaign become little by little and make a wide of leg more generous than is usual and with the really low. In black, very elegant for the work.

The jeans they are betting on bass pirate style, with a generous to let return to the air the ankle, which is covered with socks and sandals. A pair of jeans whose finish is darker.

The shorts they retrieve the vintage trend with a pluck quite high and a model that will not look equally well in all women.