Individually Crafted Shoes by Selve

Colorful custom: hobby Shuhdesigner can just design your own collection.

When purchasing shoe trade-offs must be made often: the favored model is, for example, to narrow, color or material does not correspond exactly to the wishful thinking. How about custom-made shoes according to the personal taste?

Pumps, Loafer, sneaker and co. luxury labels are without question exclusive – but they are unique and they fit also perfectly? Actually only custom-made shoes can, as they make small factories for a decent bar money. Since not everyone has a such noble cobbler around the corner, offers to the Munich company selve which the dream couple fashion via Internet – at a real price from about 350 euros. Now also the shoe makers make it entirely in keeping with the trend of customizing, which picks up speed currently especially in the fields of automobiles, food and furniture.

The Perfect Size

Selve has developed its own system of size that bale width and clamping height is based on the mass of heel, foot, toe height. The sizes vary only by a few millimetres and are available in three sizes (S, M and L). If you have differently sized feet, must buy now no longer two pair of shoes, because left and right can be produced differently. Shoe sizing should be carried out in the ideal case locally in the Munich showroom, where the foot is measured precisely with special laser devices. Alternatively, the size can also online are also less exactly determined. For example, that works on a similar principle label Scarosso, which produces its shoes in Italy.

The Freestyle: The Design of Your Own

After the duty of determining size is the Freestyle of design. Once play shoe designer; Who has not dreamed yet? Finally, the exactly matching shoe to the orange-and Red cocktail dress or the blue pin-stripe suit find is possible. The basic models of the selve shoes are associated with about a dozen categories, such as, for example, evening shoes, boots or loafers and cost between 350 and about 600 euros. It has opted for a copy of the base, the type of leather, including calf, suede or paint – and the color can be determined. The female customer has the choice between six heel heights from one to ten Centimeters and eleven forms of heel. The ready designed pair is handmade after submitting the order in the selve said invoice. After about four weeks, the customer can present his unique shoes for the first time to the public and proudly claim: “I am now shoe designer!”

For those who like something extravagant: the Fabergé of shoes can be found at