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By | February 11, 2022

A tour to Ireland from Minsk has long become one of the most inspiring and memorable routes among Belarusian travel lovers. Perhaps the Emerald Isle is one of the few countries that in reality look even more attractive than in the brochures of tour operators. The boundless “mirror” of the Atlantic, the majestic Glendalough, wayward bays and pastures flooded with lush greenery.¬†According to, Dublin is the capital of Ireland.

Already at first sight, the expanses of Ireland are breathtaking. A temperate oceanic climate reigns here, and the locals themselves joke that only here all 4 seasons can change in 24 hours. At the same time, even such vagaries of the weather do not overshadow a trip to Ireland.

What to see in Ireland?

Ireland is famous primarily for its excursion programs. Buying a tour to Ireland is worth at least to try the fantastically delicious Dublin beer and colorful dishes of the “northern” cuisine. And the original natural landscapes and historical monuments become an additional argument in favor of getting to know Ireland.

This amazing country will leave positive impressions in the memory of everyone:

  • Art connoisseurs will be impressed by the variety of cultural entertainment, from Dublin theater productions to rock themed parties.
  • Dozens of walking routes along the Cliffs of Moher, the famous “Ring of Kerry” from the national park with waterfalls and sprawling forests to sheer 200-meter cliffs “cliffs” will be a gift for real romantics.
  • Fans of gastronomic tourism will find a variety of delicious meat dishes cooked, according to tradition, on an open fire and accompanied by a mug of local black beer.
  • Tourists who come to rest with their families will be satisfied with fascinating excursions to historical monuments and stories about local “evil spirits” – leprechauns, Irish trolls and other representatives of folklore.

Add here works of architectural art in the form of ancient monasteries, Viking castles and loud national holidays to make sure it’s time to go to Ireland!


  1. Two standard color passport photos (3.5 * 4.5 current photo, not older than 6 months)
  2. Passport / international passport for citizens of the Russian Federation, valid for 6 months from the date of the intended departure from the territory of Ireland. The date of issue of the passport must not exceed 10 years. The passport must have at least 2 free pages with the inscription “Visa”.
  3. A letter from the place of work (in English or in Russian with translation into English) on the official letterhead of this organization confirming the employment of its employee, indicating the dates of vacation.
  4. Certificate from the bank on the availability of funds in the account. (Certificate of movement of funds for the last six months).

Insurance coverage is a must!

Unemployed – provide proof of finances from sponsors of the trip.

A non-working spouse with a child must provide documents on the solvency of sponsors and evidence of her property. If the sponsor is not a close family member, a written explanation must be provided. Copies of sponsors’ passports (first page) are also provided.

Pensioners and other persons receiving benefits from the state provide

A copy of the document and a certificate of the amount of benefits or pensions.

Students – provide a certificate from the place of study indicating the course of study, specialization and time of enrollment and graduation. If parents will cover the costs of this trip, it will be necessary to provide certificates from places of employment, bank statements on the status of accounts, letters in any form about sponsorship for this trip and copies of the first page of sponsors’ passports

Minors – if traveling alone, provide the consent of both parents (guardians). If the child is traveling with one of the parents, consent from the other parent must be provided. At the same time, copies of the parents’ passports (first page) are attached.

The original documents (marriage certificate, birth certificate) will be returned by the Irish embassy. Documents such as bank statements, letters from work, invitations, etc. are not returned.

All documentation must be provided in English or Russian, but accompanied by a notarized translation.

Consular fees:

  • Single Journey Visa 4,200 Ruble (60 Euro)
  • Multi Journey Visa 7,000 Ruble (100 Euro)
  • Transit Visa 1,600 Ruble (25 Euro)

The Ireland Visa Office does not accept European currency or US dollars.

Approximate visa processing times:

Approximately 10-15 working days. In certain cases and at certain periods, for example, during the peak of summer holidays, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, important events (for example, holding International sports competitions), which may lead to the movement of large groups of people, the processing time for documents may be increased.

Documents for a visa can be submitted no earlier than three months before the intended trip.

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