Jackets, Capes And Sweaters To Keep Warm The Boho Bride

Once it is out there a little bit cooler, I often wonder what the brides can wear, so they have not cold. In Switzerland, we can have even cooler weather all year round. Or marry you all only on beautiful, warm summer days?

For the fashion-loving brides there is a joyful challenge something suitable for finding it. Others find it hard to find the right thing. In the election – no matter whether Cape, jacket and sweater – the quality is essential in my view.In the knitwear, I would prefer an expensive

cashmere sweater so that not all guests are to the congratulations of woolly hair. But to be prepared for everything, packing just a lint roller in the handbag of the maid of honor.

I have gathered some nice examples for you so that the bride must not freeze on their holiday. Beautiful tops to keep warm…

Sweaters, knit sweaters and cardigans

  1. Lightknit from alpaca wool for the sophisticated Bohemian bride. Buying in online shop by kaviar Gauche.
  2. Crop top with fine Zotteln on it.Also discovered at kaviar Gauche.
  3. Rustic Aran knit pullover* boss Orange-for an autumn or winter wedding, perhaps? Found at ch.
  4. Simplejacket with lobes by Our site

Caption: MIA puppet

Blazers, jackets and capes

  1. Light whiteBlazers with pockets of mango.
  2. Cape with pattern,discovered in com.
  3. Jacquard jacket with fringeswith ethnic patterns. Somewhat reminiscent of the classic Chanel jacket. Both are currently announced!
  4. For the brave ones among you:Long Blazer in the gray Leopard print. With this, you can spice up your outfits later.
  5. Sure a food-player variant, but once attracted one will no longer give this Moto Jacket by kaviar Gauche. Great details with the Golden zipper. For those who love a little rock ‘n’ roll mood of the wedding.

Fake fur jackets

  1. Ivory blackfur coat found at SHOPAREVIEW.
  2. Glam rock shag jacket* mint & berry, to buy at ch.
  3. No rabbit fur, ajacket with fur-look from a com to keep warm on your civil wedding ceremony.
  4. Everybody knows it, the romantic fairy tale film from the Czech Republic “Three nuts for Cinderella” every year for Christmas TV running.With this Sleeveless jacket of faux fur from H & M, you’re definitely a good figure. And perhaps also on the horse ridden comes your Prince…

I hope I could provide you some inspirations, which you might like? Or have you discovered what and want to share it with the other brides? Please write us a note in the comment field. Thank you very much in advance.

* Affialte link-if your any of the items to buy, I get a small financial contribution. Merci for this!