Jordan Travel Warning

By | July 29, 2021


In the vicinity of the Israeli border (on roads close to the border or when sailing and swimming in the Red Sea without a guide / tour guide) you should always have your travel and identification documents to hand.

Traveling by plane

Royal Wings (Internet: offers daily scheduled flights between Amman and Akaba as well as to Alexandria in Egypt, and one can also rent jets and helicopters. Another national airline is Arab Wings (Internet:
Jordan Aviation (Internet: flies between Amman and Aqaba.

On the way by car / bus

The main roads are good (4608 km of paved roads), desert roads should be avoided. When driving on secondary roads and desert roads, the following rule of thumb applies: only use vehicles that are absolutely roadworthy, take enough water with you and follow all advice given by the local population. The bus service is inexpensive and works smoothly. The JETT bus company drives from Amman to various places (Akaba and Petra daily). Alpha and Petra are other bus companies that operate a fleet of air-conditioned long distance buses across the country. Taxi:Taxis are yellow and can be found outside hotels or called on the street. Taxis are equipped with taximeters, but the price should be negotiated beforehand. Shared taxis drive on fixed routes to all cities, but can also be rented privately. Shared taxis to Petra should be booked in advance. Taxis are also relatively cheap on long journeys, for example between Amman and Aqaba. Taxi drivers mostly speak English. Tips are not required, but it is common practice to round up to the next higher number on the taximeter. Car rentals are available from major international and local rental companies in hotels, travel agencies, Queen Alia Airport, Amman, Allenby Bridge and Sheik Hussein Bridge. You can also book drivers on a daily basis. Documentation: International driver’s license is recommended. Vehicles with a Jordanian license plate may only be driven by holders of a Jordanian driving license.
Speed limits:
within towns: 60 km / h,
on country roads: 80 km / h,
on motorways: 120 km / h.

Traveling in the city

In Amman there are both regular buses and servees shared taxis that travel set routes. The Servees taxis are state-approved and have standard tariffs, but no fixed stops. They often pick up their passengers at terminal stops in the outskirts or in the center and then drive directly to their destination.

On the go by train

There is currently no reliable passenger traffic.


Current information

On December 18, 2016, in the city of Kerak in the vicinity of the local crusader fortress, there were firefights between security forces and a group of armed men, in the course of which a foreign tourist was killed. The Jordanian security authorities have strengthened their security measures across the country. Pay close attention when traveling in Jordan. Travelers should avoid crowds and follow the orders of the Jordanian security forces. There is a risk of terrorist attacks nationwide in Jordan, including in places visited by foreigners. The Jordanian authorities have therefore increased their security measures.

Country-specific safety information

Due to repeated incidents at the borders with Syria and Iraq, a trip to the Syrian-Jordanian border area and to the north-east of the country in the border region with Iraq is strongly discouraged. It is also pointed out that both the Syrian-Jordanian and the Iraqi-Jordanian border area are restricted military areas in which special provisions apply.

In Jordan, there can be regular demonstrations and protests, both in Amman and in other cities and towns in the country, especially on the weekends after Friday prayers, in which various sections of the population articulate their economic, social and political demands. These rallies are not primarily directed against foreigners and have so far been largely peaceful. It is recommended to pay general attention, to follow the media coverage, to stay away from crowds of people, not to photograph them and to follow the instructions of the security forces.

Germans who are in Jordan – even temporarily – can register online at the external link, opens in a new window Crisis preparedness list of the German embassy in Amman.

Before and during the trip to Jordan, it is advisable to find out about current developments and to consult the external link, opens in new window, the embassy website.

Due to the geographical proximity to the neighboring states of Syria and Iraq, further developments on site should always be followed closely. Border crossings to Iraq and Syria are closed. Independently of this, the Federal Foreign Office has issued an urgent warning against traveling to Iraq and Syria.

Especially at night, the risk of accidents on the roads outside Amman increases due to unlit vehicles and animals and people on the streets. It is therefore advisable not to plan any overland trips outside of Amman after dark.

People of Iraqi, Syrian and Palestinian descent can still face problems entering the country. These people are advised not to procure visas upon arrival at the airport, but rather before departure in Germany.

Jordan Travel Warning