Kentucky – Bluegrass, Horses and Strong Whiskey

By | July 5, 2022

Bourbon Country

The US state of Kentucky is located in the east-central area of ​​the United States. Kentucky is referred to as the ” Bluegrass State “. This has nothing to do with weed, but with music. Bluegrass is a special variety with special instruments of American Country Music. Kentucky is historically assigned to the southern states of the USA. The largest city in the country with about 618,000 inhabitants in 2019 is Louisville. The small town of Frankfort, with about 27,700 inhabitants in 2019, is the capital of Kentucky. In total, around 4.5 million people lived in the bluegrass state of Kentucky in 2019. The northern area of ​​Kentucky becomes the Corn Belt, the corn belt of the USA. The well-known statesman and former US President Abraham Lincoln was once born in Kentucky.

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State Capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky


State Capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky

Horses and whiskey

Predominantly rural, Kentucky is famous for breeding excellent thoroughbred horses. The Kentucky Derby horse race has been held regularly in Louisville since 1875. Horse racing and horse breeding play a large role in the Prairie State.

Kentucky bourbon

Tasty whiskey is distilled in Kentucky and is therefore referred to as Bourbon Country. Kentucky has a long history of making whiskey. Kentucky Bourbon whiskey mash contains at least 51% corn. Barley and rye are also added. The Kentucky Bourbon is stored in charred American white oak barrels until it is mature. Hence the particularly smoky taste. Along the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky, whiskey fans can visit numerous bourbon distilleries and taste samples. In addition, he receives information on the history of whiskey in the respective region.

Downtown Louisville on the Ohio River with the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge

Hilly pastures and caves

What is unique about the state of Kentucky is that most of the country’s borders are formed by rivers. The natural landscapes in Kentucky can be described as varied – lakes, rivers, the Appalachian Mountains and the undulating prairie landscapes alternate. There are numerous underground cave systems to discover in the US state. Extensively branched cave systems are the focus of interest in Mammoth Cave National Park.

Equestrian sports, fishing and hiking

Kentucky is world famous for the annual Kentucky Derby, a horse race. The racecourse, the entire facility is called Churchill Downs. For horse lovers, the Kentucky Horse Museum is on site. see Kentucky Horse Park is located in the city of Lexington. In addition to equestrian sports, fishing is common in the country’s numerous lakes and flowing waters. Hiking Kentucky’s numerous hiking trails offer a special nature experience. Eastern Kentucky is said to be relatively quiet and deserted.

View of a green dreamy landscape in Kentucky after the rain

Bluegrass Music – mirror of the landscape and the people

Numerous artists have settled in the region and pursue their passion in the midst of lonely and rustic landscapes. The typical bluegrass music sounds from all the pubs. The Appalachian Mountains with numerous hiking trails lead through eastern Kentucky. In southwest Kentucky is the ” Land between the Lakes ” peninsula. It’s even lonelier there than in the rest of the country. Leisure activities such as hiking, water sports and fishing are very popular on the water-washed peninsula. With a bit of luck, buffalo can be observed in a cordoned-off area. The flora and fauna of the peninsula can be described as rich and mostly original.

Culture and delicious variety of food

Kentucky’s culinary specialties are not to be missed. The kitchen in Kentucky shows a great variety of tastes and preparation. Culinary influences of European, Latin American and Asian immigrants, as well as the local Native Americans and Afro-Americans have had a lasting influence on the cuisine of the bluegrass state to this day. When nature gets too much and too lonely for you – the cities in Kentucky have a wide range of cultural events. Music plays an important role in this. The city of Louisville is richly blessed with historic Victorian-style buildings, true Southern mansions. In the capital Frankfort, next to the State Capitol, is the whiskey distillery – Wild Turkey Distillerya special highlight.

Cities in Kentucky

  • Louisville
  • Lexington
  • Frankfurt
  • Bowling green
  • Owensboro
  • Covington

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Rivers in Kentucky

  • Barren River
  • Big Sandy River
  • Cumberland River
  • green river
  • Kentucky River
  • Mississippi River
  • Ohio River
  • RedRiver
  • Salt River
  • Tennessee River

Scenic regions in Kentucky

  • Cumberland Mountains
  • bluegrass region
  • Pennyroyal Plateau
  • Western Coal Fields
  • Jackson Purchase

Attractions in Kentucky

  • Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site – Hodgenville
  • Belle of Louisville
  • Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area
  • Breaks Interstate Park
  • Butcher Hollow – Loretta Lynn Birthplace – Paintsville
  • Cave Run Lake
  • Churchill Downs Racetrack – horse racing track in Louisville
  • Creation Museum
  • Cumberland Falls
  • Cumberland Gap
  • Freedom Hall
  • International Bluegrass Music Museum – Owensboro
  • Keeneland Race Course – horse racing track in Lexington
  • Kentucky Horse Park-Lexington
  • Kentucky Lake
  • Kentucky Museum at Bowling Green
  • Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum – Renfro Valley
  • Kentucky State Capitol
  • Lake Barkley
  • Lake Cumberland
  • Peninsula “Land Between the Lakes”
  • Mammoth Cave National Park
  • Mississippi River
  • My Old Kentucky Home – Former Plantation – Bardstown
  • National Corvette Museum at Bowling Green
  • National Quilt Museum in Paducah
  • Ohio River
  • Red River Gorge
  • Rup Arena
  • Southeast Christian Church
  • The Louisville Palace
  • Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Sanitarium

Map of Kentucky – USA

Map of Kentucky in USA. Kentucky is also historically considered a Southern state, although the US state is located in the Middle East Coast region. The map shows the neighboring countries, the country’s largest cities, rivers, lakes, highways and the course of the most important roads and transport links. The area of ​​Kentucky is 104,659 km². The relatively small city of Frankfort is the capital of the US state of Kentucky. In 2019, approximately 4.47 million people lived in Kentucky.

Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky – United States

The cave of the mammoths

Mammoth Cave National Park is located in the US state of Kentucky. The central element of the Mammoth Cave National Park is a huge underground cave system. In 1941 the area was declared a national park. The protected area has had the status of a biosphere reserve since 1990.

Entrance of Mammoth Cave – cave system

Mammoth Cave National Park was previously declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1981. The closest city to Mammoth Cave National Park is Louisville, Kentucky. The area of ​​the national park is 214 km². Up to 1.9 million tourists visit Mammoth Cave National Park every year.

Valuable nature in the national park

There are three campsites (above ground, of course!) in Mammoth Cave National Park. In the waters of the caves, the cave blindfish can be found. Above the turf, a rich animal world has been preserved in the national park.

View over Mammoth Cave National Park

Bird life in particular is well represented in Mammoth Cave National Park with around 200 species.