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North American mountain range, located north of the Gulf of Alaska. The highest peak, McKinley, reaches 6235 meters in altitude and is also the highest point in North America. The subsoil is rich in oil.

Alaska – the largest state in the USA – is hardly populated, rich in natural, beautiful landscapes, diverse wild animals and adventure opportunities. Alaska has even more to offer: there are 3 million lakes, over 3000 rivers, 17 of the 20 highest mountains in the USA, 100,000 glaciers, and 15 national parks, nature reserves, and monuments. High, snow-capped peaks, glaciers and fjords, bears, moose, rivers full of salmon and the shrill cry of the eagle are part of the splendor of this state, which invites you to experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, is both a popular tourist destination and the region’s economic and transportation hub. About 40 percent of the state’s residents live here. Lake Hood is home to the world’s largest seaplane base – the primary form of transportation in Alaska.

Fairbanks, Alaska’s second largest city, is located at the northern end of the Alaska Highway. It is the commercial and transportation center for regions in the middle and far north of the state and the gateway to the real border of Alaska.

From mid-May to July, Alaska can enjoy more than 20 hours of sun a day. In winter, however, on the short days you mainly see a twilight mixed of pink and indigo and only about four hours of real daylight.

  • According to acronymmonster, the nickname of Alaska is The Last Frontier.

Important facts

Land area: 1,477,268 sq km.

Population: 731,545 (2019 estimate)

Population density: 0.5 per square kilometer.

Capital: Juneau.

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Attractions in Alaska

Vacation spots & excursions

A visit to the Portage Glacier is particularly impressive (approx. 1 hour’s drive from Anchorage). About 300 km north is the huge Denali State Park with the majestic Denali. Grizzly and black bears, moose, caribou, wolves and eagles have found a habitat in the wide tundra. To the east of Anchorage is Wrangell St. Elias National Park, which is valued for its great natural beauty. In Kenai Fjords National Park on the Kenai Peninsula sea otters, sea lions, seals and whales live. Kenai itself has one of the most beautiful Russian churches in Alaska. In central and
Northern Alaska can be visited abandoned gold mining towns or long walks through Noatak National Preserve, Kobuk Valley National Park or Arctic National Park. Fairbanks, Alaska’s second largest city, was founded in 1901. Its name is associated with the gold rush that swept Alaska around the turn of the century.

The city’s main attraction is the Alaskaland amusement park. Northern Alaska is north of the Arctic Circle, in Barrow on the north coast the sun does not set from May 10th to August 2nd. In the Katmai National Park you can see brown bears catching salmon at waterfalls. The Arctic Museum in the Inuit settlement on the Bering Sea (Eskimos) Kotzebue provides fascinating insights into the traditional way of life of the Inuit.


Over half of the population lives in Anchorage. A multitude of interesting museums, good restaurants and shopping facilities make the dynamic city the ideal starting point for exploring the magnificent Chugach State Park with its alpine landscape and the Potter Point State Game Refuge, where you can watch water birds. Unique is a 30-minute trip on the Alaska Railroad to Whittier and the wonderful recreation area of Prince William Sound. Sailing, fishing, hiking, kayaking and nature observation offer themselves in this region with its many islands, fjords and glaciers. The ride from
Whittier by ferry to Valdez passes the impressive Columbia Glacier. The Alyeska ski area on Mount Alyeska, around 70 km south of Anchorage, offers excellent winter sports with slopes of all difficulty levels. Cross-country skiing, glacier hikes and sled dog rides complete the leisure program.


The capital Juneau is located in the south-eastern coastal strip in the middle of a picturesque fjord and glacier landscape. The pretty church of St. Nicholas with its onion domes commemorates the many Russian immigrants. The historic city center, Gold Rush Historic District, which was recently renovated, contrasts beautifully with the high-rise buildings of the government district.


Sitka, the former capital of Russian Alaska, offers interesting evidence from the time when Alaska was still part of Russia. The Cathedral of St. Michael is particularly worth seeing. The Indian Cultural Center in Sitka National Park gives an impression of the traditions of the indigenous people. On the Prince of Wales Island you can also find traces of the Indian tribes that were once based in Alaska.

Tourist offices

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