List of Major Banks in Maine

By | January 30, 2023

Member State of the United States of America. Located in the far northeast of the country, in the New England region, it covers an area of ​​86 027 km 2 and has a population of 1,294,500 residents (2004). It borders the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast, the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick in the northwest and northeast, respectively, and the State of New Hampshire in the southwest. The capital is the city of Augusta.

Seldom does anything change in the state of Maine: forests and lakes still make up 90% of the landscape, just like in the days of Leif Ericson and his Vikings when they first set foot here.

The 8,530 km long coast from Kittery to Lubec is still a stronghold of two old traditions: fishing and shipbuilding. The Maine landscape was created by massive glacial movements during the ice age that cut bays, inlets and harbors into the mainland and led to the creation of more than 2,000 rocky islands.

Lobsters abound and 64 lighthouses watch over the breathtakingly beautiful, rocky coast of Maine. After the melting of the snow comes life to the pretty coastal villages, which attract numerous tourists with their charm typical of New England.

  • According to acronymmonster, the nickname of Maine is The Pine Tree State.

Important facts

Land area: 79,931 sq km.

Population: 1,344,212 (2019 estimate)

Population density: 16 per sq km.

Capital: Augusta.

  • Abbreviationfinder: To send a traditional mail or package through postal service, you will need to use two-letter abbreviation for state name, for example, Maine. Now, it comes to the question: what is the abbreviation for Maine.

Vacation spots & excursions

Bangor is an important economic, financial and cultural center. Portland, the largest city in Maine, has a beautifully refurbished waterfront and several museums worth seeing. The magnificent Acadia National Park is located on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can hike to your heart’s content, there are about 160 km of marked hiking trails. Kittery is the oldest city in the state, and Kennebunkport, where ex-President Bush used to vacation, is considered one of the most beautiful spots on the north coast. The area around Lewiston is a popular holiday area because of its beautiful swimming lakes. Another beautiful destination is the still almost untouched landscape of the Baxter State Park, in the seclusion of which you can find peace and relaxation. The natural history and ethnology museum in the small capital Augusta, the Maine State Museum, gives an insight into the history of the state.

ME – Coastal Bank

Commercial bank markets its business accounts and lending services, posts its branch locations, and offers online banking.


ME – First Citizens Bank

Regional bank posts its deposit and lending rates, lists its branch locations and hours, and describes its history and mission.


ME – First Nat’l Bank of Bar Harbor

Local bank promotes its savings, checking, investment, trust, and lending services, lists branch locations, and offers online banking.


ME – First Nat’l of Damariscotta

Savings bank promotes its business and personal banking, lending, mortgage, and trust services, lists locations, and offers online banking.


ME – Franklin Savings Bank

Western Maine bank describes its savings, checking, investment, and lending services and lists its branches and ATM locations.


ME – Kingfield Bank

Local bank posts news and its annual report, lists its locations, and promotes its savings, checking, mortgage, and lending services.


ME – Mechanics Savings Bank

Find an overview of services, loan and deposit rates, and branch hours. Located in Auburn.


ME – Merrill Merchants Bank

Local bank markets its business and personal savings, checking, lending, and trust services, lists its branches, and offers online banking.


ME – Ocean National Bank

Details account options, services, interest rates, and branch locations. Download the mortgage calculator.


ME – Ocean National Bank

Kennebunk bank presents its history, lists its branch locations, and promotes its savings, checking, mortgage, and lending services.


ME – Union Trust Company

Eastern Maine bank promotes its personal and business checking, savings, investment, trust, and lending services and lists its branch locations.


ME – United Bank

Review consumer and business accounts or find branch and ATM locations in Bangor, Hampden, Hermon, Jackman, and Corinth.


Maine Major Banks