List of Major Banks in Oklahoma

By | January 30, 2023

Member State of the United States of America. Located in the Southwest of the Great Plains region, it covers an area of ​​173 320 km 2 and has a population of 3,541,800 residents (2004). It borders the states of Colorado and Kansas in the north, Missouri, the northeast, Arcansas in the east, Texas in the south and west, and New Mexico in the northwest. The capital is Oklahoma City, which in April 1993 was the scene of a terrorist attack on the federal Alfred P. Murrah building. The alleged perpetrator of this act, Timothy McVeigh, was later sentenced to death.

Oklahoma is home to more Indian tribes than any other state except California. Native Americans from at least 67 different tribes live here, 39 of these tribes have their headquarters here.

Although Indians have lived in Oklahoma for thousands of years, some tribes have been forced to move from the fertile, wooded southeast of the United States to the rather barren Oklahoma. Countless Indians perished in the 19th century on the infamous “Trail of Tears” due to hunger and disease.

Today there are numerous Indian galleries, museums, cultural and historical sights, Pow-Wows, dances and festivals in Oklahoma.

The longest, uninterrupted section of the famous Route 66, the “Main Street of America”, runs through Oklahoma with a length of 643 km. The state consists of eleven different ecosystems, starting from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains over cypress bogs, high grass prairie, pine and Hardwood forests up to more than 200 lakes.

  • According to acronymmonster, the nickname of Oklahoma is The Sooner State.

Important facts

Land area: 177,877 sq km.

Population: 3,956,971 (2019 estimate)

Population density: 20 per sq km.

Capital: Oklahoma City.

Attractions in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City has a curious history. The current capital was created practically on a single day, April 22, 1889, when the federal government released land for settlement by whites, which previously belonged to five Indian tribes. In the Western Heritage Center, which was co-financed by 17 countries, the settlement history of the Wild West comes to life. The city has been booming since 1928, when oil was found in Oklahoma City; even on the site of the neoclassical capitol there are oil wells that are still being mined.


Tulsa, a typically American city with a skyline dominated by skyscrapers, has an international airport and major art centers and galleries. Worth seeing are the Gilcrease Museum (Indian art and works from or on the subject of the pioneering period) and the Philbrook Art Center (prehistoric exhibits and Indian paintings). In the region southeast of Tulsa, the Indian tribes of the east once ended their forced march from their tribal areas, the Trail of Tears. Indian City USA (at Anadarko), the Creek Council House Museum in Okmulgee, The Five Civilized Tribes Museum in Muskagee and the Cherokee Heritage Center with the replica of a Cherokee village (southeast of Tahlequah) give an insight into the centuries-old culture of the Indians. The American Indian Arts Festival takes place in Tulsa every March.

The Eufaula Lake, the Lake Texoma in Texoma State Park, Arrowhead, Quartz Mountain and Western Hill are national parks and beautiful recreation areas. In the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, you can also see bison.

Bank of Oklahoma

Offers free online banking services for checking and savings accounts. Find out about its CD rates and home equity loans.


Central National Bank of Enid, Oklahoma

Find listings of products, services and branch locations. Provides financial calculators and loan applications.


OK – American Nat’l Bank & Trust

Sapula-based bank offers details on personal and business accounts, treasury management services, and loans. Features a kids’ page.


OK – Arkansas Valley State Bank

Learn how to access account information via a touch-tone phone. Provides personal and commercial account details, loan info, and interest rates.


OK – BancFirst

Customers can conduct banking over the Internet or at numerous locations statewide. Find descriptions of personal and business accounts.


OK – Canadian State Bank

Find maps to this bank’s two locations in Yukon. Provides annual reports and descriptions of savings and checking accounts.


OK – Citizens Bank & Trust

Find details on the checking and savings accounts offered by this Okmulgee-based bank. Submit an information request form.


OK – Citizens Bank & Trust

Find out where this bank’s full-service branches and ATMs are located. View the terms for checking and savings accounts, loans, and investments.


OK – Exchange Bank & Trust

Offers detailed descriptions of the services this bank provides and a discussion of the Year 2000 problem. Serves Noble county.


OK – F&M Bank & Trust Company

Get the latest interest rates for certificates of deposit and savings accounts. Offers an auto loan calculator and stock quotes.


OK – Fort Sill National Bank

Armed services bank offers a guide to branch and ATM locations. Find a menu for accessing accounts via telephone and a loan calculator.


OK – MidFirst Bank

Member of the Midland Group provides an overview of accounts, loans, and investing. Offers news and Year 2000 information.


OK – Payne County Bank

Provides contact details for this Perkins-based bank. Find out about deposit accounts, CDs, loans, and IRAs.


OK – RCB Bank

Offers online banking through the NetTeller, in addition to descriptions of services. Provides bank news and kids’ links.


OK – Southwestern Bank & Trust

Find location details and operating hours for four full-service branches. Provides a list of bank services and a kids’ page.


OK – Spirit Bank

Privately-held bank offers seven Oklahoma locations. Find descriptions of interest-bearing and checking accounts, and learn about PC banking.


OK – State Bank & Trust

Locate ATMs or full-service branches in Tulsa and Broken Arrow. Register for Internet banking or view a guide to business and personal services.


OK – Stillwater National Bank & Trust Company

Oklahoma bank provides financial services to individuals and companies. Explore its investment and commercial services or access stock quotes.


OK – Stock Exchange Bank

Submit inquiries about loans, checking accounts, CDs, and IRAs. Browse descriptions of checking and savings plans and find branch locations.


OK – Superior Federal Bank

Includes mortgage and consumer loan information, a listing of branch locations, and a versatile financial calculator.


OK – United Bank of Del City

Find descriptions of checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and mortgage services. Offers investing guidelines.


OK – West Star Bank

Member of the Arvest Bank group lists services and accounts. Includes Internet banking details and a rate calculator.


Oklahoma Major Banks