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By | January 30, 2023

Member State of the United States of America. Located in the Rocky Mountains region, it covers an area of ​​253 597 km 2 and has a population of 508 700 residents (2004). It borders the states of Montana in the northwest and north, South Dakota and Nebraska in the east, Colorado in the south, Utah in the southwest, and Idaho in the west. The capital is the city of Cheyenne.

Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming has become known as the cowboy state and home to “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Wyoming is the ninth largest state in the United States, but has the smallest population. The borders were defined only according to longitude and latitude, so that the border drawing corresponds to a rectangle.

The spirit of the Wild West lives on in this region of wilderness, vastness and breathtaking panoramas. Geographic attractions include eleven large mountains, prairies, pastures, parks, forests, lakes and rivers.

Wyoming has a strictly continental climate with freezing winters, in which blizzards often cause freezing rain and heavy snow. Summers are very hot and dry, with occasional tornadoes in the southeast of the state.

Visitors are particularly drawn to Yellowstone National Park, the oldest national park in the world. The park is known for its geothermal springs and grizzly bears. The last wild bison herd in the USA found a safe retreat here. Yellowstone Lake, with 354 km² the largest mountain lake in North America, is a popular travel destination for anglers.

The Grand Teton National Park offers excellent conditions for mountaineers. Numerous hiking trails lead through the park, which become cross-country skiing trails in winter.

Numerous myths of different Indian tribes are related to the Devils Tower (Teufelsturm), a magma rock over 360 meters high on the edge of the Black Hills. The monolith was designated the first national monument in the United States in 1906.

The world’s best preserved fossils have been found in the Fossil Butte National Monument (Internet: in Lincoln County.

  • According to acronymmonster, the nickname of Wyoming is The Equality or Cowboy State.

Important facts

Land area: 253,335 sq km.

Population: 578,759 (2019 estimate)

Population density: 2 per square kilometer.

Capital: Cheyenne.

  • Abbreviationfinder: To send a traditional mail or package through postal service, you will need to use two-letter abbreviation for state name, for example, Wyoming. Now, it comes to the question: what is the abbreviation for Wyoming.

Attractions in Wyoming

Wyoming is the ideal travel destination for anyone looking for pristine vast landscapes.

Vacation spots & excursions

The city of Jackson is an interesting vacation destination in summer and winter. You can get to know the culture of the Wild West in numerous art galleries and museums. The highlight of the annual calendar of events is the Grand Teton Music Festival in July and August, which offers music from all genres. Good ski areas with downhill runs for beginners and advanced skiers are available to winter sports enthusiasts around the city. There are also winter sports and hiking opportunities in the Snowy Range (Rocky Mountains) and on the Big Horn. A visit to the Fossil Butte National Monument is a journey into the prehistoric past, where fossils of freshwater fish have been found that are millions of years old. The Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is also fascinating with its bizarre, brightly colored rock formations that have been shaped by wind and water for thousands of years.
The 364 m high Devil’s Tower in northeast Wyoming is the remains of an extinct volcano and habitat of many animal and plant species that you can get to know on a nature trail. Stephen Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was filmed here. The famous Buffalo Bill was at home in the northwest of the state. At the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody is reminded of his life and the settlement of the West. Another exhibition is dedicated to the history and culture of the Prairie Indians. The capital Cheyenne was and still is the center of the cattle trade in the region. The world’s largest and most traditional rodeo, the Cheyenne Frontier Days, takes place here in the last full week of July. If you want to play cowboy yourself, you can spend some time on a working ranch and help out with your daily work. A visit to the Wind River – Indian reservation in Lander (Central Wyoming) that is shared by Shoshone and Arapahos, gives an immediate impression of the present-day Indian life. Their history and culture can be found in the Tracking down North American Indian Heritage Center. Excursions with Indian guides into the magnificent landscape of the Wind River Mountains are offered.

Laramie with the interesting pioneer post Fort Laramie is a good starting point for trips to the beautiful Medicine Bow National Forest, a beautiful hiking and winter sports area.

National parks

The world-famous Yellowstone National Park (Internet: Website: is the oldest and probably the most beautiful national park in the USA. One of the main sights is the Old Faithful Geyser, whose fountain, which is up to 60 m high, can be seen almost every hour. There are a total of 10,000 hot springs in Yellowstone. The species-rich fauna is particularly fascinating for Europeans – elk, bison, eagle, bear and coyote live here in the wild. If you want to stay longer and stay at the Old Faithfull Inn, it is best to secure a room two months in advance. The Grand Teton National Park further south offers several three-thousand meter peaks and excellent leisure facilities. Mountaineering, hiking, horse riding, camping and water sports are possible. The over 4000 m high Grand Teton is the second highest mountain in Wyoming. You can stay in several holiday ranches.

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