Macao, China Healthcare and Money

By | May 9, 2022

Health care


Vaccination needed receipt required
Eat Drink 1
malaria no
Typhoid & Polio Yes
cholera no
yellow fever no


Health care in Macau is good. Incidentally, numerous specialist doctors and hospitals in Hong Kong can be reached quickly. Medical services in Macau and Hong Kong are extremely expensive. Travelers are advised to take out travel medical insurance prior to travel.

Notes vaccinations

[1] Because of the risk of possible intestinal infections, care must be taken to ensure careful drinking water and food hygiene. The tap water from the state water mains meets the guidelines of the World Health Organization and is suitable for drinking. Bottled water is readily available. Pork, raw salads and mayonnaise should be avoided. Vegetables should be boiled and fruits should be peeled.

Other risks

Dengue fever, transmitted by mosquitoes, is common. An effective insect repellent is recommended. Hepatitis A and hepatitis B occur. A hepatitis A vaccination is generally recommended. Vaccination against hepatitis B should be given during longer stays and close contact with the local population, as well as for children and young people in general. rabies occurs. The main carriers are dogs, cats, forest animals and bats. Vaccination is recommended for backpackers, children, occupational risk groups and for longer stays. In the event of a bite, seek medical attention as soon as possible.



1 Pataca = 100 Avos. Currency code: Pat, MOP (ISO code). Banknotes come in denominations of 1,000, 500, 100, 50, 20 and 10 Pat; Coins in denominations of 10, 5, 2 and 1 pat and 50, 20 and 10 avos. The Pataca is tied to the Hong Kong dollar, which is also accepted for payment.

Credit cards

All major credit cards, notably Visa, Mastercard and American Express, are generally accepted in shops, restaurants, car rental companies and hotels. Details from the issuer of the relevant credit card.


Bank cards With the credit card and pin number, money can be withdrawn from ATMs. The Girocard (formerly ec card) with the Cirrus, Plus or Maestro symbol is accepted worldwide. Cards with the Cirrus or Maestro symbol are accepted in some ATMs in Macau, but not in shops. To be on the safe side, travelers should always have an alternative source of money such as cash. Further information from banks and credit institutes. Attention: Travelers who want to pay with their bank customer card abroad and withdraw money should find out from their bank about the possibility of using their card before starting their journey.

Travelers cheques

Traveler’s checks are not accepted in Macau.

Bank opening hours

Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00, e.g. T. Sat 09.00-12.00.

Foreign exchange regulations

No restrictions. A declaration is required if the total amount of cash and/or securities brought in or taken out corresponds to an equivalent value of MP120,000 or more.

Currency Exchange

Foreign currencies can be exchanged in banks, hotels and authorized exchange offices. Currency exchange is available 24 hours a day at Macau International Airport (on Taipa) and Hotel Lisboa (Macau). You can withdraw cash in the local currency with a credit card at numerous ATMs.


Code Symbol Exchange rates (no guarantee)
MOP MOP$ 1 EUR = 8.32 MOP$
1 CHF = 10.02 MOP$
1 USD = 8.00 MOP$

Macao Money