Maintain Optimal with Nikwax Outdoor in Winter

Here in Luxembourg, we had so far just once a week winter with snow and temperatures well below zero. But also in various well-known skiing areas of winter has tarry long on itself. So you can now also enjoy the winter weather, you should prepare his mission for the season. Because only a clean, freshly impregnated equipment ensures that we maintain warm and dry. For this, the Nikwax care specialist has put together the most important products.

Maintain Optimal with Nikwax Outdoor in Winter3

Nikwax down wash direct

In the cold season, down clothing is especially cuddly. So that it stays that way, also downshould be washed regularly products, to keep intact bulking power and heat output. Nikwax down wash direct cleans and impregnated hydrophobic (water repellent) as well as untreated down and optimized its natural insulating properties according to Independent testing showed that a single wash at DWD reduced water absorption in untreated down almost to a 40 x! This especially environmentally friendly washing powder down received the coveted OutDoor industry award 2015 in the category this year “innovation: sustainability”. Only care means brand is Nikwax PFC-free since always been 100% and does not use solvents or propellants! For a simple application safe at home in the washing machine. EIA: 12,50 euro (300 ml)

Maintain Optimal with Nikwax Outdoor in Winter2

Nikwax tech wash and TX. Direct

Dirt and body fat affect not only waterproofing and breathability of materials for outdoor jackets. The result: Moisture penetrates into the upper, moisture can no longer escape from the inside of the jacket. Nikwax tech wash & TX. Direct are the ideal team for thorough cleaning and subsequent impregnation of waterproof, breathable jackets as well as by ski clothing with synthetic insulation. This will be updated not only waterproofing and breathability. And, as usual by Nikwax PFC-free impregnating high-performance 100%,.
EIA: 22,00 euro (Twin Pack 300 ml each)

Maintain Optimal with Nikwax Outdoor in Winter1

Nikwax glove Impregnation

With the Nikwax glove Impregnation the life can be extended by leather or textile gloves. This impregnation suitable also for gloves with membrane, such as Gore-Tex, SympaTex, or eVent. Preserving the breathability as well as the grip the inside of the glove, leather gloves leather with maintained the same. Can be applied to dry but also on wet gloves. Dirty recommends previous cleaning with the mild tech wash. EIA: 9,00 euro (125 ml)

Nikwax polar proof

For fleece jackets of all kinds, there are Nikwax polar proof, that impregnated the Fleecefasern particularly gently. At the same time remains the breathability as polar proof lies to each individual fiber and also minimizes pills. So also a fleece hiking as the outer layer can be worn, if it is too warm for a soft shell. Nikwax polar proof can be easily in the machine a, down as well as the Nikwax, developed specially for down products proof that provides optimal bulking power / heat power of the down and in damp weather minimized the weight gain. After a previous clean with Nikwax Tech Wash in the main wash can be Nikwax polar proof just a wash in the port at 30 ° C in the main wash. RRP: 11.50 euros (125 ml)

Nikwax BaseFresh

Also – or should we say: especially for winter outdoor activities, it is important that the moisture transport from functional underwear to function optimally, otherwise the risk of a cooling is particularly high. Thanks to Nikwax BaseFresh you can wash base layers confidently alongside normal washing in the machine: is there to this care products instead of fabric softener, makes it sure that besides combating odour transporting moisture improves the properties to a up to 30faches-forming bacteria, while speeding up the drying time by up to 90%. A great side effect: even the remaining laundry dries faster. EIA: 7.50 euro (300 ml)

Nikwax shoe care products

Shoes in a secure way for humans and the environment to be with Nikwax footwear care products clean and impregnate. The impregnating effect occurs immediately even if the shoes are still wet!. Ideal so if you on the road to must impregnate! It is always important: a clean shoe. Only effective water-proofing. So: first apply footwear cleaning gel, then impregnate. Depending on the material, there are different cleaning products specially tuned: waterproofing wax for leather, fabric & leather waterproofing, suede leather impregnation (suitable for nubuck), as well as the special Nikwax leather care with many care shares. So you have longer pleasure of his favorite hiking boots!
EIA: waterproofing wax for leather from 5.00 euros (60 ml), all other care products from 9,00 euro (120 ml)

Nikwax ski coat impregnation

This ski coat impregnation prevents a soaking of the hides, as well as the icing on the bottom. So the skins can glide over the snow better and faster on their way. Thanks to the impregnation also extends the life of the ski skins. Of course also this Nikwax product is 100% PFC-free, non-flammable and is made without solvents and propellants. Water based, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, for a simple, secure application. EIA: 12,50 euro (125 ml)

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